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Superorganized in every detail. ....The information before, upgrading the car without extra charge in advance, the fast and nice service at the pick up place and the reasonable price!
Ten out of ten. Both drivers were on time and professional. Would definitely use Kiwi taxis again. Communication was also good Keeping us informed of driver contact details
The driver was waiting for us at the exit, even with the plane arriving late. He was very polite, drove well, we could understand each other perfectly in english (even that it was not our first language). Everything went well and I definetly recommend the service.

Transfer in Italy

Beautiful Italy is located in the south of Europe, in the very center of the Mediterranean. Its history goes back to the old times, to the Latin period, the Roman Empire and Byzantium. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are 155 UNESCO monuments in the country, more than anywhere else. On top of that, it is in the Italian capital, Rome, that the Vatican, the residence of the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, is located. But people come to Italy not only in search of faith, tourists visit the country to admire the Forum and the Colosseum in Rome, go shopping in Milan, ride a gondola around Venice, appreciate the exquisite cuisine of Tuscany, and the magnificent architecture of Florence.

It is important to say couple words about the transportation system in Italy: it includes buses, trams, trains, taxi services, and transfers. The country has several types of taxi services here. There are both large services that have fixed fares, as well as private taxi drivers who often drive tourists at inflated prices. That is why it is difficult to answer the question "How much does a taxi in Italy cost?" - it all depends on how lucky you are. You can order a taxi in the airport at the stands of official taxi services. But do not try to hail a taxi as it is not acceptable in Italy.

If you are a bit afraid to travel with hothead Italians, do not know the language, or you are traveling with a large group, then it is definitely better to choose transfers in Italy. In order to get to the airport or to the hotel, you may choose a vehicle of any type (from "economy-class" cars to minivans and minibuses) and order it for a specific date and time. You can apply for a transfer online on our website. The price will not change after the booking.

Our individual transfers take tourists not only from the airport to the hotel but also around the cities of Italy. In order to clarify whether there is a route you need in the Kiwitaxi database, use the site's search feature.