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Do you have a website or a blog about tourism? You may be already earning money by selling airline tickets? Just set up the search form and offer your visitors book transfers from airports and get extra earnings.

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How it works

You have some audience of tourists and travelers. You set up the form on your website or give the link to the person who’d like to book a transfer. When the customer comes to our website, we know he or she has come from your recommendation. After the client has paid for the order, you get half of our profit as a reward.

Who can join the program?

  • Owners of the sites, blogs, regional portals, and forums on travelling, tourism, etc.
  • Founders of communities in social networks (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • SEO specialists

How much you can earn?

We share 50% of the profit with our partners. Due to region, your profit will vary from 5 to 10% of the transfer price.

Affiliate reward is about €5 on average from each transfer booking. Around 5% of users coming from affiliate websites book a transfer. You can count your potential income depending on your website’s popularity.





avg bonus 


your reward 


So if you set up the form on your website, you can earn about €7 from each 1,000 views. Of course, a lot of things will depend on the way you show the form. The more the visitor is interested in having transfer, the higher the conversion rate will be.


From July 10 to August 31, 2018, we give an increased commission of 80% (instead of 50%) for each transfer sold.
For example, the increased commission for an economy class transfer on the route  Istanbul Ataturk Airport - Istanbul will be €5,6 instead of the standard €3,5.
Special conditions:
1) The transfers must be sold between July 10 and August 31;
2) The special offer applies to transfers on routes within Turkey;
3) The number of transfers and the time of their performance is unlimited;
4) The increased commission on the special offer is accrued after the transfer.

How your sales are counted?

To record the sales, we use partner identifications. Once a visitor has followed your tracking link, we save your ID code into the cookies of his or her web browser and keep them for 30 days. In case this customer orders a transfer by us within a month, you’ll get the reward.

The list of referred people and your current income you’ll see in your profile on the website. Once a month we pay out the money you’ve earned.

Allowed traffic

Social networks Allowed Public pages, groups, communities in social networks.
Email marketing Allowed Bulk emailing to the users agreed to get the emails.
Pay per click Allowed Ads on transfer service in search engines and media. Advertising concerning domain is prohibited.
Brand advertising Prohibited Buying ads and SEO service by key words kiwitaxi, kiwi taxi, etc.
Teaser campaigns Allowed Ad block motivating users to learn more about the product.
Doorway Allowed Web page optimized for one or several search queries.
PopUp ads Allowed Popup window that appears while loading the page, in the foreground of the webpage. 
ClickUnder Prohibited Web page that appears in the background, under the active window.
Incentive Prohibited Means there are some bonus for the user to do a targeted action.
Cashback Allowed Customer gets back part of the money paid.

Affiliate tools

KiwiTaxi affiliate program tools are as follows:

  • White label
  • Search forms
  • Text links
  • Banners

As the simplest and most effective way of attracting users we recommend that you should set up the search form. Another good way is to write an article or a review and put some tracking links regarding precise routes or transfers inside.

Reports and payouts

In your affiliate profile you can follow the statistics data on the number of queries, sales, commissions, and so on. At the beginning of each month we will transfer the money you got in the previous month.

  • Bank transfer
  • Bank card
  • Yandex.Money
  • Webmoney

If it’s a wire transfer, we provide the service delivery note in electronic form.

Welcome to our affiliate program

Eldar Karamov

Affiliate Programm manager


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