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Madonna di Campiglio: lifts and slopes

Madonna di Campiglio ski area is located in the Val Rendena valley in the Dolomites. Some key facts about the resort are:

  • The highest point of the ski slope is 2580 m above sea level. The height difference is up to 1550 m.
  • The total length of ski slopes is 150 km. Most of them are blue and red. Black pistes on the Madonna di Campiglio ski map are less than 20%.
  • There are three snow parks with a total square of more than 50 000 sq. m. The stages of the FIS Snowboard World Cup pass there.

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There are 5 main slopes on the Madonna di Campiglio ski map:

Cinque Laghi (Five Lakes)

The length of the slope is 3500 m. There are no steep slopes and sharp bends. This is the reason why the track is suitable for beginners. The Five Lakes slope is not popular with experienced skiers. So, it is not crowded there.
The finish line of the slope is in the center of Madonna di Campiglio. Admit it, this is very convenient.


The slope is on the west side of the Brenta Dolomites ridge (Dolomiti di Brenta). Pradalago is very popular with tourists because the finish line is close to the lift.

Travel writer Giulia shares in her blog mondomulia why it is so exciting to ski in Pradalago:

I loved skiing in Pradalago in the morning and watching the sunrise from behind the Brenta Dolomites.

sunrise from behind the Brenta Dolomites
Photo source: mondomulia

The trail is marked by blue color, but there are narrows on the slope and sharp height differences. It’s preferable to have some experience and take a ski class before.

Campo Carlo Magno

It’s kind of a training site. Get your training here, learn the basics of skiing and then go to a more difficult Spinale slope. The lift goes there from Carlo Magno.

Monte Spinale and Passo Groste

Both slopes are similar and located on the eastern slope of the Brenta Dolomites. 

Black pistes for snowboarders and extreme skiers passed through Spinale and Groste. Ursus Snowpark is located on the Groste ridge, and it is included in TOP-5 Alpine Snowboard Parks.


Since 1947, this resort has been hosting Speed Slalom Official World Tour. Its length is 2740 m. The piste has a very steep slope and night lighting.

Valery CollinsValery Collins experiencedtraveller.com

 knows one unusual reason why you should ski there:

My favourite run in this ski area is the original World Cup piste Tre Tre because camosci can often be seen grazing on the crags above the top of this run. It is thrilling to watch these graceful animals jumping from rock to rock as they search for lichen to feed on.

The ski map of Madonna di Campiglio:

Map of Madonna-di-Campiglio

Look at an interactive Madonna di Campiglio ski map there.

Many slopes intersect. Fortunately, all of them are marked, so you won’t lose your way.

Lifts in Madonna-di-Campiglio
Photo source: skiresort


In Madonna di Campiglio Dolomites, there are lifts for all slopes. Among them:

  • 10 drag lifts.
  • 15 chairlifts.
  • 6 gondolas and cabins.

The distance from the closest hotels to lifts is 100-200 m.

Photo source: ursus-snowpark

Madonna di Campiglio ski pass

You can see the actual prices at the official website of Madonna di Campiglio Dolomites.

Madonna di Campiglio ski pass lets you ski on all the pistes of the resort. The highest price is on Christmas. In this time, locals of nearby cities come there to spend a holiday weekend. In some hotels, the cost of a ski pass is included in the room rate.

Equipment rental

There is a really high service level. If you want, the rented equipment will be brought directly to your hotel room.

If you need to rent any equipment, act like Margherita and Nick, the owners of The Crowded Planet blog:

We got our gear from Noleggio del Brenta in Via Cima Tosa, not far from the Pradalago lift, the and quality was really outstanding. We appreciated how Ezio and Evelyn, the two owners, took their time measuring our boots and making sure they fit properly. After having my feet shredded to pieces so many times by ill-fitting boots, I really appreciated their care and expertise in helping us choose the perfect gear. 

Watch the video about the resort to feel what is like – being in Madonna di Campiglio Dolomites:

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