How to get to Vienna from the airport
and European cities. Transport guide.


Vienna International Airport → Vienna (city centre)

It’s very easy to get from Vienna International Airport to the city centre: take a bus, a train, or a taxi. To choose the most suitable kind of transport for you, read our Airguide.

Prague → Vienna
Czech Republic/Austria

Find out more about trip from Prague to Vienna city centre. Take a bus, a train, a plane or a transfer. Read our Airguide.

Vienna → Salzburg

It’s quite convenient to get from Vienna International Airport to Salzburg: you can get there by plane, train, or transfer. Choose your perfect transport according to the cost and the timetable.

Bratislava (airport) → Vienna

You can get from Bratislava Airport (Ivanka, Slovakia) to Vienna city centre by express bus, comfortable transfer, regular train, or by boat along the Danube. It’s up to you to choose!

Budapest → Vienna

There are five ways to get from Budapest Airport to Vienna: along the Danube (by boat), by plane, group shuttle (bus), train, or taxi. You can compare prices and travel times in Airguide.

How to get from Schwechat Airport to Vienna and from Vienna to other cities of Europe

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is not only an incredibly beautiful city, but also the departure point for many ski tourists. In summer, travellers come to Vienna to enjoy its exquisite architecture, opera, and the world-famous zoo. In winter, mountain skiers come to Vienna to get from it to one of the 73 Austrian ski resorts. If you are thinking about “how to get to Vienna from…” or “how to get from Vienna…”, our Airguides will definitely help you.

The main goal of our guides is to make your choice of the right transport in Vienna easier. Each route and each journey have their own advantages and disadvantages. As in many other European cities, city and public transport in Vienna – both metro and a vehicle fleet are in great condition. Among the disadvantages are lack of overnight services and low comfort level for trips made by families or aged tourists. There are some air flights serving the routes between some points (for instance, Vienna-Budapest or Vienna-Salzburg) which are available for tourists. Plane tickets are usually much more expensive than land transport ones, however you will get to the destination fast and with maximum comfort. The medium option is booking a transfer or a taxi. It is much cheaper than taking a plane, but more expensive than getting by public transport. The comfort level ranges from the standard Economy to VIP-transfer.

Timetable for Vienna transport

Though the peak season in Vienna is winter, as ski resorts work actively at this time of the year only, that doesn’t influence Vienna transport timetable much. Of course, there are more express shuttles to certain destinations running in winter, but public transport, taxis and planes operate on their usual schedules. For more details about the timetable of each kind of transport, read our Airguides.

How to choose the way to get from the airport to Vienna or from Vienna to another city?

The most important thing you should do before starting your trip to Vienna is to clarify the most important options of your trip. For a young person without luggage the perfect transfer would be one thing, but for a mother with two children and three suitcases it would be better to choose absolutely different route. Ask yourself the following questions:

– do I travel with large luggage or without it? Am I ready for long walking with a suitcase? Am I ready to load my suitcase on the upper shelves in public transport myself?

– do I travel alone, as a couple, or with a family? If I travel with children, how can I make the waiting time and the trip length shorter to ease my children of tiredness after the flight?

– if I travel with an aged relative or a disabled individual, who will help me with his comfortable placing ? Will there be any help with luggage and a wheelchair? And how comfortable this kind of transport is for such a person?

– do I arrive in Vienna in the daytime or at night? If I arrive late in the evening or after midnight, which kind of transport can I take to get from Vienna Airport?

If you clarify all these moments for you, it would be easier to choose the perfect transport for any route from Vienna (or from Vienna International Airport).

KiwiTaxi Airguide recommends how to get from Vienna to…

In general, Airguide recommendations on how to choose the way to get from Vienna or Vienna International Airport are based on the items listed below. If you travel alone or as a couple and without luggage, your main goal is to save money, you are used to low comfort level and are not in a hurry, and if your journey is in the daytime, then surely choose any kind of city transport. If you travel with small children, don’t want to wait for a long time at a stop, it is hard for you to walk long distances with luggage or make changes, and also for everyone who arrives in Vienna at night, we recommend to take a taxi on the spot or book a transfer online.

Vienna is a wonderful place for rest and tourism. We truly recommend you to start your trip with a good mood and an easy road because it is so easy to get from Vienna International Airport to Vienna or from Vienna to another Austrian or European city using our KiwiTaxi Airguides.