How to get from Prague Airport
to cities of Europe. Transport guide.


Airport → Prague
The Czech Republic

You can get from Vaclav Havel Airport (Ruzyne) to Prague by shuttle or ordinary bus, as well as by train or taxi. Details in KiwiTaxi Airguide.

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Prague → Budapest
The Czech Republic/Hungary

From the Czech Republic to Hungary along the beautiful route Prague-Budapest. You can get there by plane, bus, train, or transfer. Compare ticket prices in KiwiTaxi Airguide.

Prague → Karlovy Vary
The Czech Republic

You can easily get from Prague to Karlovy Vary, if you know what kind of transport is the fastest and most budget, and which route is the best for you. Buses, trains and shuttles are at your service!

Prague → Vienna
The Czech Republic/Austria

The lovely European route Prague-Vienna will allow you to enjoy the beauty of both two countries: the Czech Republic and Austria. Trains, buses, airplanes and taxis between Prague and Vienna in our Airguide.

Prague → Cesky Krumlov
The Czech Republic

Buses, trains and taxis will take you from Prague to Cesky Krumlov (Czeski Krumlov). Ticket prices are not high, but you will spend a few hours on this trip. Use our Prague-Krumlov Airguide.

Digest about a trip to Prague
Digest about a trip to Prague
All about food, activities and transport in Prague! We have gathered the opinion of expert bloggers and they will tell you about the most useful life hacks about rest in Prague. Learn the digest before you travel.

Prague Airport (Vaclav Havel Airport, Ruzyne)
The Czech Republic

The great city of Prague gains hearts of tourists year by year. All fans of European gothic and calm and pure life must visit the Czech Republic, and it’s better to start your communication from the very moment of arriving to Vaclav Havel Airport, Ruzyne. Prague Airport is located in a good place: there is nothing difficult to get from the airport to the city centre or some other towns of the Czech Republic and Europe in general. For such journeys, we have made some KiwiTaxi Airguides on “How to get from Prague Airport to…” and “How to get to Prague Airport from…”

The goal of all KiwiTaxi Airguides is to analyze all the possible transportation options for a certain route and tell the readers about them. We take a close look at prices, schedules, stops along the route and possible changes, and always offer the latest information. We offer different options based on recommendations of experienced travellers; we give some advice and compare forms of transport in Prague in terms of comfort. KiwiTaxi Airguides will help you decide on what transport to choose: high-speed commercial shuttles, regular buses, modern trains, super-comfortable taxis, or even planes!

Prague Airport. Transport schedule.

Prague Airport, like any other European airport, operates all year round. All forms of public transport (buses, shuttles, trains) run on a regular basis, and routes don’t depend on the season. They have a better situation with night routes than people in Russia do — some shuttles and buses are available at night. Taxis and transfers run 24/7.

What is the right way to get from Prague Airport to the destination?

For experienced travellers, a trip from Prague Airport will not be a problem. Yet, for those who have come to the Czech Republic or another European country for the first time and don’t speak foreign languages well enough, and also for those who are not good at reading signs at the airport, a trip from Prague Airport can be a difficult task. To choose the right option, just consider the following:

– if you are ready to exchange currency after arriving (most forms of public transport in Prague works with korunas);

– if you speak Czech well enough to explain something to the driver;

– if your luggage is not that large to change minibuses (mini shuttles) along the way;

– if you are travelling with small children, take care of child seats beforehand (in cars and buses) and also of how you can shorten the travel time in order not to trouble your children with an exhausting trip;

– those who arrive in Prague at night should check in advance if they would be able to leave the airport, as not all types of transport are available at night;

If you are aware of all those points, it will be easy for you to go from Prague Airport to any city of the Czech Republic and Europe with the help of our Airguides.

KiwiTaxi Airguide. How to get from Prague Airport: fast or cheap?

KiwiTaxi Airguide is based on some recommendations of experienced travellers who have been to the Czech Republic and other European countries for several times. We have no doubt about their sensible opinions, that’s why we turn their tips into guides for our readers. For those who want to save some money (when travelling light) buses is a good option. If you have some extra time (first of all, time for waiting) and your luggage consists of two or more bags — just choose comfortable Prague trains. For those who are travelling with children and lots of bags and those who are not good at speaking foreign languages or might be afraid of getting lost, taxi in Prague is the best option.

The road from Prague Airport branches off to thousands of small and big towns. May your journey start with great emotions and there be no worries about transport. Have a safe trip!