How to get to Pattaya
and from it to other cities of Thailand


Bangkok → Pattaya

You can get from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus, shared taxi, or private taxi. Compare travel times, comfort levels and ticket prices to choose the best route.

Pattaya → Koh Samui

It is easy to get from Pattaya to Koh Samui by car, bus (the route includes a ferry trip), or plane. To compare ticket prices and travel times, read our KiwiTaxi Airguide.

Pattaya → Hua Hin

One can get from Pattaya to Hua Hin by commercial shuttle (bus), minibus, or transfer. Each means of transport has their own advantages. For more details, see KiwiTaxi Airguide.

How to get from Pattaya to other cities of Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin

Pattaya is a resort in the southeast of Thailand. Up to 5 million tourists come to this city during the period from October till April. They arrive at U-Tapao International Airport located 40 km from Pattaya. Also, many tourists come to Bangkok and get to Pattaya themselves or by shared transfer provided by their tour operator.

If you are going to travel to Pattaya or planning to arrive at U-Tapao Airport and then continue your travel across Thailand yourself, but are thinking about how to get to or from Pattaya, then you should definitely read KiwiTaxi Airguides provided in this section.

Pattaya transport

There are plenty of buses, intercity shared taxis, trains and even planes operating daily inside Pattaya and between Pattaya and other resorts of Thailand. You can choose some budget travel options (for example, minibuses and railroad), as well as more expensive options (low-cost carriers and commercial shuttles) and the most expensive ones such as taxis and transfers and plane flights. If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, don’t forget that summer months are the rainy seasons there, so there are less tourists during this time of year and almost all forms of transport are less frequent.

Night journeys are a special case. Some carriers offer some special night journeys on their routes during peak months. But it is often very difficult to leave Bangkok and Pattaya airports at night. However, you can always take a taxi or a transfer which are available 24/7.

Climate and transportation in Pattaya

The average annual temperature in this resort is 25 to 30 °C. The climate there is wet and hot. Being outside in the sunny noon is not recommended for aged people, small children and people with weak health: this will easily lead to a sun- or heatstroke. So when choosing transport in Pattaya and thinking about how to get to your hotel, note that you can spend from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours waiting for transport at the stop.

It is also important to know that shared taxis and tuk tuks (local transport) sometimes don’t follow timetables, and their prices are not fixed: you will have to pay that sum of money that the driver will ask for.

Comfort level of Pattaya transport

If you prefer travelling with comfort, you should choose transport in Pattaya carefully. Shared taxis are not meant for long trips: there’s little room inside them, they have no luggage compartment, and drivers often save money by not turning air-conditioning on. On the contrary, large buses (shuttles) are very comfortable. They are equipped with air-conditioning, comfortable soft seats, and sometimes even WC, so their ticket price is much higher than that for shared taxis.

Trains in Thailand are not that comfortable. The most comfortable means of transport is transfers: both intra- and intercity ones. You can choose the class and capacity of the vehicle you need, as well as discuss the details such as child seats, WiFi and drinks (water, juices) availability. If you are planning to take a plane to get to or from Pattaya, don’t forget to find out whether it is a traditional airline or a low-cost one. In the first case, you will be offered food and drinks on board, as well as the latest newspapers, and there will be enough room between seats. As for travelling by low-cost airline, you will have to pay extra for your luggage, there will be no meals on board, and the comfort level will be much lower.

No matter which means of transport you choose to travel in Pattaya, we wish you a smooth and pleasant trip!