How to get to Nice from the Airport and from it to cities of France and Europe


Nice Airport → city center

The detailed information on how to get to Nice from the airport. Bus, train, transfer or taxi – choose the most convenient way to get to the city in the Airguide.

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Nice Airport → Monaco

How to get Monaco from Nice International Airport? In our Airguide we gathered information about public transport, its timetable, and prices. Choose bus, underground, helicopter — or book a transfer, if you need more comfort in your journey.

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Paris → Nice

From Paris to the Côte d’Azur! One can get from Paris to Nice by train, plane, or car. To compare prices and travel times, read our KiwiTaxi Airguide.

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How to get from Nice to the cities of France and Europe

Nice is one of the most famous resorts of the Azure coast. This town looks like a beautiful garden with an exciting view of the Mediterranean sea, and its cozy streets and ancient cathedrals surely will not leave you indifferent. If you are arriving in Nice to stay in town or travel along the Azure coast, you have to study some transport information. In this Airguide page, you can find all the instructions like “How to get to Nice and from it to…”

We’re glad to share helpful tips about transport types and routes between Nice, it’s airport and the nearest cities. To provide you truthful information, we read special traveler’s blogs and articles and also studied official websites of France intercity buses and railways. It allowed us to compose detailed guides about popular routes (Nice-Monaco, Nice-airport, etc), their prices and time durations.

Nice transport timetable

Nice is one of the biggest transport hubs of the French Riviera, so its transport service is greatly developed. Regular bus and railway routes connect this town with other settlements. Most of them operate only during the day, but there are also special night buses — Notambus. And it is always possible to book a taxi or transfer if you need more comfort.

How to get to Nice and from it?

Although experienced travelers may choose bus or train to get to Nice, this way doesn’t fit everybody. If you are planning your journey, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to some important points.

— Size of your luggage. If you have a big number of bags or a heavy suitcase, it would be hard to go on foot between public transport stops or make some changes. Moreover, city buses in Nice don’t have any racks, and trains in France have luggage restrictions. You have to study the rules of the luggage transportation while planning your trip.

— Your fellow travelers. If you are traveling with children or aged parents, you should take care of their comfort and provide for possible waiting time or changes. And if you are planning your holidays with a big company of friends, try to count all the ticket prices — perhaps booking a transfer would be cheaper than bus or train.

— Arriving time. If you arrive on the night flight, it could be hard to find public transport from the airport. Although there are Notambuses in Nice, they operate only from Thursday till Saturday, and the interval between the routes is quite long. If you don’t want to stay in the airport until morning, it’s better to decide how to get your hotel in advance.

Kiwitaxi Airguide: how to get from Nice to other cities?

In our Airguide we collected all the information about transport routes, their costs and time durations to help you choose the way that fits you most. If you are an experienced tourist with a small backpack, you may decide to save your money and prefer a public transport. And if you want to get to your apartment or hotel quickly, without long waiting time or making a transfer, it would be a good idea to book a transfer while planning a journey. In this case, don’t forget to warn us in advance if you need a van for a big company or a special baby seat in a car.

Have a great holiday in a France Riviera!