How to get to Budapest
and from Budapest to other cities of Europe


Budapest Airport → Budapest city centre

At daytime, you can get from Budapest Airport to Budapest city centre by bus or train, but at night — only by taxi or transfer. To compare prices, follow the link below.

Bratislava → Budapest

For all people who love travelling across Europe, we’ve prepared a short guide on how to get from Bratislava to Budapest. What to choose – a shared transfer, a train, or a taxi?

Budapest → Vienna

There are five ways to get from Budapest to Vienna: by motorship (along the Danube), plane, shared shuttle (bus), train, or taxi. To compare prices and travel times, see our Airguide.

Prague → Budapest
the Czech Republic/Hungary

Getting from the Czech Republic to Hungary along the picturesque route Prague-Budapest. You can get to the destination by plane, bus, train, or transfer. Compare ticket prices in KiwiTaxi Airguide.

How to get from Budapest to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and other cities of Europe

It is not for nothing that Budapest is called the Pearl of the Danube: each year, this magnificent city attracts thousands of tourists with its SPA programs, bath houses, amazing architecture and interesting excursions to Budapest itself and the nearby cities of Europe. Every traveller arriving in the capital of Hungary thinks about how to get from Budapest or how to get to Budapest from the airport, some neighbouring city, railway station, etc. And, of course, you should choose necessary transport or book a taxi carefully.

We decided to prepare for you some detailed routes in KiwiTaxi Budapest Airguides such as Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport-Budapest, Prague-Budapest, Budapest-Vienna, Bratislava-Budapest and others, so that you can compare prices and travel times for these routes yourself. Also, we want to give you three reasons why you should find a good transport option in advance.

Reason 1. To get to Budapest cheaply

When planning a budget for your trip to Budapest or from Budapest to another city, always take into account the number of people travelling with you. Thus, a taxi or a transfer will be an expensive option only for a solo traveller. If you are travelling with a group of people or with your family and children, don’t forget to multiply the ticket cost by the number of passengers. By the way, most ways of transportation include some changes. For example, you can get from the airport directly to Budapest only by car, in other cases shuttles and trains from the airport won’t take you to the door of your hotel and you will have to change to city transport.

Reason 2. To get to Budapest fast

There are no traffic problems in Budapest. Trains often run on strict timetables, as well as city buses. The only reason why transport can be delayed is waiting at a stop or platform. For example, some journeys depart every 30-60 minutes, so if you want to get to your hotel as soon as possible to rest after the flight, it is better to take a taxi in Budapest or book a transfer online that is more comfortable.

Reason 3. To get to Budapest with comfort

Budapest transport is very comfortable – almost all trains and buses have wide aisles and soft seats. On commercial shuttles (for instance, on a motorship running along the Danube or shuttle from the airport), you can be offered a hot drink and latest newspapers. The most comfortable transport option is surely taxis. In case you are booking a vehicle in advance, you can easily choose Comfort or even Premium class and get to your destination not only fast, but also in a car with a leather interior and Wi-Fi.

Brief information on holidays in Budapest

There are 118 springs in Budapest, so you can arrange a real SPA holiday there. The bubbling Gellert Baths, large Széchenyi Baths built in 1913 in Neo-Baroque style, turkish bath houses of the XVI century in the style of the Ottoman Empire – there are really lots of places you can enjoy. If you decide to take a stroll along the city, then don’t forget to visit Buda Castle and Andrássy Avenue which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.