How to get to Berlin from airports,
and from Berlin to cities of Germany and Europe


Tegel Airport → Berlin

From the airport Tegel to the center of Berlin you can get by commercial shuttles, city’s buses and taxis. Compare prices and durations of Tegel airport transport in our KiwiTaxi Airguide.

Schoenefeld Airport → Berlin

Find the best way for getting from Schoenefeld Airport to Berlin city centre by train, shuttle bus, city train or transfer. Find out more with KiwiTaxi Airguide!

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Berlin → Prague
Germany/Czech Republic

Get from Germany to the Czech Republic and enjoy with two great cities: Berlin and Prague. You can get by bus, train, plane and transfer. Compare prices and duration.

Berlin: transport and transportation

Modern Berlin is the centre of European parties and underground trends. Clubs and pubs, noisy nightlife and endless parties go well with musical shops and art galleries and social forums. If you are planning to visit Berlin, you must think through your future routes: how to get to the city; from the city to the suburbs and other European cities. Our Aeroguides are perfect to help you with that to decide on questions «How to get to Berlin and from Berlin».

Our main goal is to tell tourists about various transport on the routes from and to Berlin. Before you’ve made your final decision, analyze the pros and cons both of commercial and city transport. In Berlin commercial shuttles (group transfer) and trains work well if running from the airports. The tickets for both types of transport depend on the distance, yet on the whole it’s budget-oriented. Those travelers who are not good with long walks (e.g. mothers with babies) can take a taxi or book a transfer online.

Berlin. Schedule of transport

Berlin is open to tourists all day long. Sure, in the spring and summer the city holds a bit more fests and events, so more tourists as well. Still, it doesn’t influence the schedule of transport in Berlin. Each Aeroguide has detailed notes on the schedule of each transport and you need to check it only in case of some difficult routes with changes and limited time resources.

How to choose the right way of getting to and from Berlin?

If you are young traveler with light luggage and don’t care much of the comfort but of saving some money, you will find no problem to choose transport. Other travelers should consider the following:

– Is your luggage heavy and large? Are you ready for hours of waiting and long walks carrying it in your hands;

– How can you help babies, elderly and disabled to get over the road after arriving? How to make their trip easier and more comfortable;

– If you arrive in the night, please think over the route beforehand or get ready to spend the night in the airport – you can hardly find any public transport available in the night in Berlin;

All those questions can help you formulate precisely all your needs in the trip and choose the perfect way to get to or from Berlin to another town.

KiwiTaxi Aeroguide: how to get to Berlin

All the tips we collected in our Aeroguide are tested by experienced travelers in Berlin and Germany on the whole. We hope these recommendations will be a good assistant to you with planning on your trip. Please remember that you only can choose the best transport in Berlin if you consider and weigh all the pros and cons of each option.

If you are flying to Berlin (Tegel Airport or Schönefeld) and are planning to travel from the capital of Germany to other cities, KiwiTaxi Airguide will tell you all about transport on routes from Berlin