How to get from Barcelona airport
to the city centre and cities of Spain. Transport guide


Airport El Prat → Barcelona (city centre)

To get from Barcelona airport directly to the city center is simple by bus, a group shuttle, train or taxi. Learn about the benefits of each way on Airguide.

Barcelona → Calella

You can get from Barcelona to sunshiny Calella by train, bus and shuttle, or by taxi (individual transfer). Choose your ideal way in our Airguide KiwiTaxi.

Barcelona → Lloret de Mar

You can get from Barcelona to resort town Lloret de Mar by bus, train and transfer (taxi). Schedule, routes, stops and prices on our Airguide Kiwitaxi.

Barcelona → Madrid

To get from Barcelona-El Prat Airport to Madrid, take a train, a low-cost airline, a regular bus, or a transfer. Compare prices on this route in KiwiTaxi Airguide.

Barcelona → Salou

You can reach Salou by speeding train (from main train station), busses and transfers direct from Barcelona Airport. All prices and schedules (timetable) are here, in KiwiTaxi Airguide.

How to get from Barcelona to the cities of Spain
Barcelona airport (El Prat)

Charming Barcelona opens out its arms to tourists from all over the world. It’s like a tourist Mecca for European and Russian travelers. Mild climate, amazing architecture and a special character of Spain will make your heart beat faster. We have gathered in KiwiTaxi Aeroguide all the options of how to get from Barcelona airport El Prat to the city centre and other cities of Spain.

KiwiTaxi Aeroguides’ main goal was to tell the readers about all the advantages and disadvantages of Barcelona transport. Buses and shuttles is a good option: money-saving and pretty comfortable; sadly, they have no night routes though. Trains from Barcelona airport go fast, and overall they are comfortable but they have longer gaps between routes than buses. Taxi and transfer is another good option. They head off from El Prat airport 24/7 and bring you to any Barcelona hotel within some minutes.

Schedule for transport from Barcelona airport

Every transport type in El Prat airport has its schedule. Buses go more often than trains, and taxi / transfer go 24/7. To choose the route fitting you best, please consider the time of going through passport control and baggage claim area (and also currency exchange, if you plan on going by public transport); and the time for buying tickets as well.

How to choose the way to get from Barcelona to the needed city?

When planning the trip, the most important thing is to take into account all the factors. Many tourists going to Barcelona airport don’t believe that some details can really influence the journey:

– if you have just some lightweight bags, just take a bus; if you have much luggage — you can only place it in the train or car;

– if you are traveling alone or you are a young couple, you can go by public transport to save some money. Families with little children or elderly tourists should consider their comfort and time in the road;

– if you arrive to Barcelona in the afternoon, you can choose any transport in the airport. If you arrive in the night, you either have to wait till the morning or take a transfer / taxi;

– if you speak Spanish well and know the route, you can easily change transport on the way. Still, if you are afraid to get lost or not sure if you can speak to local people, you better choose the direct road to the hotel.

KiwiTaxi Aeroguides provide you with all the information needed to choose the best way of going from Barcelona airport, so once you’ve decided on the key issues, you can easily opt for the perfect option.

KiwiTaxi Aeroguide gives some tips on how to get from Barcelona to…

KiwiTaxi Aeroguides collect some tips of experienced tourists from various forums and review websites to make your vacation go easier and smoother. Just use the experience of those people who have already been to Barcelona and know all the particularities of local transport.

The road from Barcelona airport can be a real adventure. That’s why you need to use all the opportunities to spare money, time and your nerves when choosing how to get from the airport to Barcelona centre or another city. We wish you a great journey!