How to get from Antalya to cities of Turkey.
Transport guide


Antalya Airport → Antalya city centre

You can get from Antalya Airport to Antalya city centre by city bus, commercial shuttle, or taxi. Use KiwiTaxi Airguide to compare prices, timetables and travel times for this route.

Antalya Airport → Alanya

To get from Antalya Airport to Alanya, take a bus (with a change at the bus station in the city centre) or a private or shared transfer. Compare prices in Airguide.

Antalya → Beldibi

If you need to get from Antalya Airport to Beldibi, read our Airguide. We’ve compared bus and transfer prices, and described the city transport route in detail.

Antalya Airport → Kemer

One can get from Antalya Airport to the city of Kemer by large buses, shared taxi dolmuş, sea bus, or taxi. Each form of transport has their own comfort level, travel time and ticket price.

Antalya Airport → Side

You can get from Antalya Airport to Side only by bus (with two changes in Antalya city centre and Manavgat) or transfer. For timetables and ticket prices, see our Airguide.

Antalya Airport → Tekirova

You can get from Antalya Airport to Tekirova only by bus (with a change at Antalya bus station) or transfer. Detailed prices and timetables are in the Airguide.

How to get from Antalya to Kemer, Alanya, Beldibi and Side
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The old and wonderful city of Antalya is located in the south of Turkey. A mild Mediterranean climate, ancient Byzantine and Ottoman monuments and well-developed tourism infrastructure attract millions of travellers to this city each year. Besides, Antalya is one of the main «gates of Turkey» because it has the largest airport of the southern area bearing the same name as the city. Tourists who are planning to visit Kemer, Alanya, Side, Beldibi and other popular resorts arrive at Antalya Airport. And if you are one of them and are now thinking about «how to get from Antalya to…», then you should definitely read our KiwiTaxi Airguides on this region.

Though people living in Antalya are engaged in agriculture (cotton, oranges, olive oil) and shipbuilding, the main financial flow is generated by tourists from all over the world. So it is no surprise that Antalya transport system is developed quite well for tourists. Here, you can find large intercity buses, small shared taxis dolmuş, several official taxi services and transfer companies. There are also some unique forms of transport – for example, the sea bus from Antalya to Kemer. Each means of Antalya transport has their own advantages and disadvantages, but we recommend you to read about each of them in a separate guide on a certain route.

Antalya transport timetable

The peak holiday season in Turkey is from May till October. That’s why during these months there are more routes from Antalya Airport to Antalya city centre or nearby resorts. Commercial shuttles and intercity shared taxis dolmuş are also more frequent than they are in winter. However, timetables can be changed, so don’t forget to check them on carriers’ websites.

How to choose the right transport to get from Antalya to the airport or city?

As we mentioned above, there are really lots of types of transport in Antalya. And each tourist will choose their own means of transportation according to a number of factors. Let’s consider the main of them:

  • the trip budget;
  • children/aged people/people with disabilities;
  • night arrival;
  • a lot of luggage;
  • poor knowledge of foreign languages;
  • fear of getting lost/taking the wrong route/not finding the stop;
  • strict time frames (for example, you have to be in time for a certain journey);
  • large group of tourists.

Tourists often postpone the transport question until the last moment. But that’s not right because after arriving at Antalya Airport you will not always find a minibus for a group of people or a taxi with a child seat. At night, there is almost no transport running from the airport, and transporting a person in a wheelchair in public transport is almost impossible. For small children, long trips in hot shared taxis dolmuş without air-conditioning are just contraindicated.

KiwiTaxi Airguide recommends how to get from Antalya to…

Except for the simplest route – from the airport to Antalya – all other trips in this region will be between cities. Tourists arriving at Antalya Airport will need to find a way to get to their hotels or apartments in a certain resort. It’s important to think not only about how to save money on your trip, but also how to reduce travel time and get to your destination with some comfort. So if you are going to Side, Kemer, Beldibi, Belek or any other resort place, keep these factors into account:

  • if you are travelling alone: choose public transport – thus you will save some money;
  • a young couple without heavy luggage: you can also save money by taking a bus, a shared taxi, or a speedboat;
  • a family with several children or one child under six years old: choose a taxi or a transfer – you will save time and won’t make your child suffer from heat;
  • an aged couple: you can take public transport or a taxi, depending on your trip budget;
  • a few friends or families: it is better to book a minibus for a group of people (transfer) – this will help you save not only money, but also time because you won’t have to look for the right transport at the airport.