Transfers from Ho Chi Minh airport «Tan Son Nhat» (SGN)

are faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses, trains and taxis to the city center, hotel, resort, airport, train station or to any other place you need to get to.

Why do tourists book private transfers from Ho Chi Minh airport «Tan Son Nhat» (SGN)?

Why do people book transfers from Ho Chi Minh airport «Tan Son Nhat» (SGN)

Transfer is a transportation service which meets and brings you exactly where you asked: a Kiwitaxi driver meets you at the airport (as close to the Arrivals as possible), at the hotel reception or at the exactly given address, helps you with your luggage and brings you fast- track to your destination.

You can pre-order inexpensive taxi transfer to the city center or to the airport, comfortable car transfer for the family with children, Economy minivan for a tourist group or a Luxury transfer. The transfer cost from Ho Chi Minh airport «Tan Son Nhat» (SGN) is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises : either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams.

Customer feedback

It was a very good, friendly and safe driver. Everything was perfect! I would highly recomend kiwi taxi to anybody. Thats why i book the kiwi taxi back to Ho Chi Minh again.
Excellent and fairly organized by KiwiTaxi! Good communication! Clear instructions for the meeting point. Photos sent by whatsapp on arrival. The driver even had bottles of water on board for the 3.5h drive.
Overall a very good service.. Easy to stay in contact through WhatsApp (free WiFi at the airport) easy to find driver, nice car, we stopped for some food along the way (much appreciated) and a good and nice driver! I will book again and can very well recommend!!
We found our driver waiting for us not long after we arrived. Very good value for money considering how pong the journey was. Driver stopped off half way so we could use restrooms and get a drink.
Was there on time, waiting with a sign, took our luggage, gave us water, stopped off halfway there for a break and got us there in good time! Very pleased!
We were met on time. The driver drove well and safely. He stopped for a rest stop x 1 as appropriate; ensured we were comfortable and had whatever we needed; and delivered us to our door. We were very satisfied. Thank you
Автомобиль был подан вовремя, быстро довезли до отеля! The car has been filed on time, quickly able to take to the hotel!
Very good driver, timely pick-up. Very satisfactory 5* service
I will recomend Kiwi taxi to all my friends! Best service ever!
The Free wifi in The cab is a very good service ! We all 3 appreciate. I like kiwitaxi

Transfers vs. Other Ways to Get from Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat Airport

Tourists from all over the world love Vietnamese resorts for its clean beaches, warm sea and good prices. As a rule, a journey to Nha Trang, Mũi Né, Phan Thiet or Phú Quốc starts at Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat Airport. Ho Chi Minh city (commonly known as Saigon, or HCMC) is a center of commercial and cultural life of the country.

How to get from Ho Chi Minh Airport to the city center or the other way round

Only 8 km separate the airport and the city. There are several ways to get there:

  • buses N152, 147 and 109, which stop at the exit of the international terminal. Tickets can be bought from a driver or conductor. Bus N152 goes to the touristic street Pham Ngu Lao, and N147 — to the inter-city station Cho Lon. Both buses run only till 18:00. Bus N109 runs from 5:45 to 1:30 (the terminal stop is September 23 Park);
  • taxi, ordered via the app or taken on the spot;
  • transfer from Saigon Airport, booked online.

If you are heading to other Vietnamese resorts, you need to change to inter-city bus (bus station Mien Dong) in the city center, or to train (train station Ga Sai Gon). Another option is taxi or transfer from the airport.

Transfer vs. Taxi from Saigon Airport to the city (ordered via the app)

Advantage of a private transfer

Relax instead of waiting. A direct flight between Moscow and Ho Chi Minh lasts 10 hours. Almost half a day is spent on a plane, not to mention visa queues. And, instead of riding in a private airport transfer from Ho Chi Minh Airport to your hotel, where you can take a shower and finally have rest, you are looking for Wi-Fi, entering the trip details and waiting for a taxi from the app.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

Minimum 15 dollars more expensive. A trip with GrabTaxi or Uber will make 90 000–140 000 dong (4–6 dollars) compared to 23 dollars for a transfer.

Transfer vs. Taxi from Tan Son Nhat Airport (taken on the spot)

Advantages of a private transfer

You will not be tricked. Taxi drivers in Ho Chi Minh are resourceful in everything connected with pricing. Internet is full of diverse scam stories: from fake airport taxes to the situations when a driver brings you to another hotel saying that your hotel is full. Transfer driver informs you about the price in the process of booking and drives you only where you need to get.

You do not fight for the price. Taximeter in a taxi is not a guarantee of a fair price. To your request to reset the meter, a taxi driver may say it is a dash clock. Upon arrival, this “clock” will show the mileage of yours and of a previous passenger. There is no universal solution how to act in this situation, but you can use a transfer, where you pay only for yourself.

You will not be locked in a car. If you do not agree with the final sum for your trip, do not expect to resolve it with the driver peacefully. Sometimes it comes to blocking car doors. And then, everything depends on the stubbornness of the drivers and your desire to get out.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

Twice as expensive. If you were lucky and not tricked, taxi from Ho Chi Minh city Airport to the city center (District 1) will cost 8–10 dollars. A reliable transfer trip will cost you 23 dollars.

Transfer from Ho Chi Minh city Airport vs. Buses

Advantages of a private transfer

No need to study transport maps. If you decided to travel by bus, get ready to face the unforgettable route map written in Vietnamese.

You will not be robbed. While you are waiting for a bus or figuring out if you are at the right stop, you can easily be robbed. Local thieves do not play nice with tourists, who they spot by their suitcases: if it is a foreigner, he/she must have money. In case of transfer, you and your money are totally safe.

Minimum twice as fast. In case of a bus, waiting time will take 15–20 minutes, and the trip itself will take around 1 hour. Transfer needs 25 minutes, in order to take you to the city.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

Much more expensive. Found the stop, got on the right bus and your wallet is still on you? Great, a ticket on the bus N152 or N147 including a baggage surcharge will cost around 10 000 dong (~0,44 dollars), and a ticket on the bus N109 — 20 000 dong (0,88 dollars).