Transfers from Santa Susanna

are faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses, trains and taxis to the city center, hotel, resort, airport, train station or to any other place you need to get to.

Why do tourists book private transfers from Santa Susanna?

Why do people book transfers from Santa Susanna

Transfer is a transportation service which meets and brings you exactly where you asked: a Kiwitaxi driver meets you at the airport (as close to the Arrivals as possible), at the hotel reception or at the exactly given address, helps you with your luggage and brings you fast- track to your destination.

You can pre-order inexpensive taxi transfer to the city center or to the airport, comfortable car transfer for the family with children, Economy minivan for a tourist group or a Luxury transfer. The transfer cost from Santa Susanna is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises : either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams.

Customer feedback

Driver arrived on time and was excellent, he was very good and safe with his driving and would differently use the company again and would recommend you to my friends going to spain in the future. A++++
excellent service and driver was fantastic and very helpful. would use your services again. A++++
Good convenient service. Friendly driver. Would definitely recommend. Takes the hassle out of having to look for a taxi when your driver is waiting for you.
Trip was good, car was comfortable and the driver was polite, thank you.
The driver went out of his way to be helpful and took my husband in his wheelchair into airport and even went to the assistance desk with him. He was extremely polite and very smart. I would certainly recommend both the driver and kiwi taxis, also their fares were the cheapest.
I received the driver’s contact and let him know that our flight was delayed. He was waiting for us when we exited the airport. He was extremely friendly and helpful, giving us water and sweets for the journey. The vehicle was comfortable and the journey was easy. Very satisfied ?
The driver was very polite and arrived on time. It helped that he confirmed my name and showed me the reservation details. The car was clean and the driver drove carefully (without being on his cell phone at all). I used kiwi twice and I would recommend it to visitors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
The driver was on time. The trip was fast and pleasant. The driver was very attentive and as it is ours first time to Montenegro, he was telling us interesting facts and showing places around. All together was an excellent trip!
The service was great. Our driver was on time, friendly, and made sure that we were at the correct pier before he left, since it was a lesser used pier. All in all excellent! Thank you.
The service provided was excellent. The driver was waiting for us in the arrivals department, and even though we were 30 minutes late, he was very kind, gentle and helpful. We arrived at our destination without any problems. We are very happy with his services. Totally recommended.

How to get from Santa Susanna to the Nearest Airports and Other Destinations

This Spanish resort city is a part of the Province of Barcelona and it is an ideal place for a beach holiday. Not sure how to travel from Santa Susanna to Barcelona or to El Prat Airport? Or how to get to the railway station, Girona Costa Brava Airport or to the neighbouring beach resorts such as Lloret de mar? You can use public transport, book a taxi or an individual transfer.

Taxi from Santa Susanna

Taxi is an indispensable mode of transport when you travel with heavy suitcases or small children, if it is your first time in the city and you do not know the schedule of buses or trains.

There are three ways of how you can get a taxi in the city. First, you can find a special parking lot, which is usually called Parada de Taxi. Such places are marked with blue signs with the inscription Taxi, and they are usually located near railway stations, large shopping centers, and other crowded areas. You can also book a taxi by phone. In this case, keep in mind that you will have to pay not only for the trip but also for those kilometers that the car has traveled, getting to you. You also can hail a taxi, which means stop it on the street. If there are no passengers, a taxi in Santa Susanna has a green light or a flag with the inscription Libre on it. That means, you can easily get in.

Taxis in Santa Susanna are both state-owned and private. It is quite easy to distinguish a state-owned taxi: it should have checkers on its roof, a working taximeter inside, and the driver has to have a price list and a license.

The fare is usually set by the state. The cost of the trip rises on weekends and holidays. Moreover, you will have to pay extra if you want to go to the airport or railway station. An additional fee is also charged for a baby stroller and suitcases.

Spanish drivers are usually welcoming and friendly to foreigners. If necessary, they can help you to load your luggage into the car and explain directions. Passenger compartments are clean, but it is more relevant for state-owned taxis.

To get to a railway station or Girona Airport usually costs around 60 euro, and to Barcelona - around 70-85 euro. If you get a private taxi, the price of the trip can be inflated several times or a driver can refuse to give change, justifying it by the fact that he does not have small coins.

Transfer from Santa Susanna

If you do not want to go into all the subtleties of booking a taxi in Spain, you can book an individual transfer on Kiwitaxi.

The main advantage of our service is that you can pick up the vehicle you need by the passenger and luggage capacity in advance. If you travel with a child, you can immediately order a child seat for a small additional fee.

A transfer can take you from Santa Susanna to Girona Train Station in just 40 minutes. This trip usually costs 84 - 431 euro, depending on the vehicle you choose.

If you want to get to Barcelona, simply book the car or minibus you need using the Kiwitaxi service. The trip takes about an hour, and it costs 117 - 246 euro.

Public transportation from Santa Susanna

You can take a bus or train from Santa Susanna to Barcelona or Girona. The city's railway station is right in the center of the resort area opposite the Mercury Hotel, next to main beaches of the city. You can take a direct train that takes about 1 hour and 14 minutes to get to Barcelona. Trains run every 30 minutes, and the ticket price is 3-6 euro.

Bus stops in the city are located next to the railway station, also they can be found on the coast and in the city center. Direct bus to Barcelona takes about 1 hour 11 minutes, and the ticket price for it is 5-9 euro. Buses run every four hours.

There are two direct buses, day and night, running from the resort to Girona. The bus ticket costs 8,30 euro, and the travel time is one or two hours, depending on the chosen route.

If you want to reach the railway station or Girona Airport by train, you first have to get to the station of Macanet-Massanes, and then change to the train going to Girona. The total travel time is approximately one hour, and the ticket price is 12,30 euro. From the center of Girona, you can reach the station or the airport by bus.

Santa Susanna: useful information

Santa Susanna is an ideal resort for a family holiday: beaches are wide and clean, the sea is calm, there are many cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, and other attributes necessary for the comfort of visitors. Here you can take up diving, windsurfing, and parasailing.

The climate of Santa Susanna is favorable: the city is located on seven hills, surrounded by a pine forest.

If you want to go sightseeing, we recommend visiting the palace-castle of Can-Rates and the parish church with a gilded altar, and nature lovers can enjoy picturesque views in one of the local parks.