Promotion: the tools for better results

Within the Kiwitaxi affiliate program, you can receive additional bonuses and use the tools in your personal account to get better results working with promotional materials.
Signup Subaffiliates
Promotion tab → Signup Subaffiliates
You invite other webmasters into the program and earn 10% of the Kiwitaxi commission from orders of the involved sub-affiliates. At the same time, the sub-affiliates do not lose anything — their commission is still 50% of our income.

In the same tab, you track the subaffiliate sales stats. And if you wish, you can set up notifications via email about the registration and activity of sub-affiliates.
Ad channels
Promotion tab → Ad Channels
The tool allows you to track clicks and sales statistics for each affiliate link. This is convenient if you need to test where it’s more efficient to place a banner, which advertisement gives a higher profit, etc.

How to set up?

1. Go to the tab and click on the 'Add Channel' button. Give it a name and a code. For example, page1.
2. Copy the URL of the needed page on the Kiwitaxi website. For example,

3. Add your affiliate marker and the channel's code to the link through the value &chan=. You will get a link like this:

All data is collected on the Reports page:
Deeplink generator
Promotion tab → Deeplink generator
The tool allows you to quickly get an affiliate link to the needed page.

1. Select the desired channel if they are already created.
2. Add the address of the Kiwitaxi website page, the link to which you want to receive.

The tool will generate a link, which you'll only need to copy and add to your resource.
Kiwitaxi sales stats
The report daily collects data on transfer orders. It is convenient for you since it allows you to track popular destinations by season, site language, and month.

For example, if you work for French tourists, you can check which regions should be promoted in the summer in order to get more profit. To do this, set the filter by site language (fr) and season (summer), set Orders,% in descending order, select the tab Countries and Regions:
Check if the listed promotion tools are suitable for you, and if you have questions, write to