White Label installation instruction

A White Label is a full-featured widget: the whole booking process will be done on a partner's website.
You can customize the settings of the White Label to your needs. Let's learn how to do it. For that, log into your personal account, find the White Label in the "Widgets and banners" tab and click on "Get banner code":
A window with the code opens below:
Copy this code.

If the widget can not fit in due to its width, it is recommended to set its width manually. For instance, like this:

<div data-kiwitaxi-white-label style="width: 830px;">.

Otherwise, the widget might be displayed incorrectly.

Note: in the Wordpress content management system, you should insert the code in one line (without hyphenation) if the paragraphs of the text are automatically enclosed in paired tags. You can use this service: http://www.willpeavy.com/minifier/. With it, the code will look like this:
White Label customization
You can configure one or more parameters from the list below.

language — the language in which the White Label phrases are displayed: English (en), German (de), French (fr), Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt), Polish (pl), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Hungarian (hu), Russian (ru) and Ukranian (ua).
"language": "es"
The default is English.

transfers_limit — the number of results on the list of transfers. If only one point is selected: From or To, the search results will be routes from/to this point. The number of such results on the page will be equal to the value set for this parameter. The default is 10.

For example, for transfers_limit equal to 3, the result will be as follows:
"transfers_limit": 3
Click on "All transfers" to see the other routes.
transfer_options — the filter of the transfer classes. You can limit the results to certain classes from the list (one or more):

  • MCR — Micro
  • ECN — Economy
  • CMT — Comfort
  • BSN — Business
  • PRM — Premium
  • MV4 — Minivan 4pax
  • MB7 — Minibus 7pax
  • PM6 — Premium Minibus 6pax
  • MB10 — Minibus 10pax
  • MB13 — Minibus 13pax
  • MB16 — Minibus 16pax
  • MB19 — Minibus 19pax

For example:
"transfer_options": ["ECN", "CMT"],
"transfer_options": "BSN"
By default, all the car classes are displayed.

transfer_options_limit — sets the number of car classes (see the previous paragraph), which will be shown in the search results, starting with the "smallest" - Micro. The default is 12. For example:
"transfer_options_limit": 4
Click on "All transfers" to see the other car classes.

display_currency — the currency in which the transfer price is displayed. Specify one of three options here: USD, EUR, RUB. By default, the currency is determined by the language parameter value (USD for en, RUB for ru). For example,
"display_currency": "EUR"
country — by default, the widget will offer locations in this country. Write the name of the country in English or specify the two-letter IATA code as follows (example for France):
"country": { "code": "fr" }
"country": { "name": ["France"] }
"country": "France"
Note: even if you select a specific country, it will not limit the visitor’s search. When he/she begins to enter the name of a point in another country, for example, "Berlin", the widget will find the desired location and allow the visitor to book a transfer. If the country is not specified, the most popular routes in the world will be offered.
Attention! This option will not work if several parameters are specified (code, name). Only one parameter must be specified.

place_from — departure point: the name of the city (airport, railway station, bus station, port) in English or IATA code. If only this point is specified, the frame will automatically load the page with all the routes from this point. This is useful when the widget is placed in an article or on a website about a specific location. For example, you can offer your reader ways to get from Barcelona Airport to the popular Spanish resorts:
"place_from": "Barcelona Airport",
"place_from": "BCN"
place_to — destination point: the name of the city (airport, railway station, bus station, port) in English or IATA code. Use it similar to the departure point (place_from):
"place_to": "Rome"
Note: the country, place_from and place_to parameters do not depend on each other. You can configure either all of these parameters together or selectively: one or two.

height — maximum height of the widget in pixels. A vertical scroll bar will appear if the widget content is larger. The minimal height of the widget is 400 pixels. If there is no such a parameter in the code, the height will vary depending on the content. For example,
"height": "600"
disable_currency_selector — hides the opportunity to choose the currency of transfer price. Specify true if you want to hide the field of the currency choice and false if you want this field to be displayed.
"disable_currency_selector": true
To hide the field:
Note: If the field is hidden and the currency is specified in the display_currency parameter the prices will be displayed in the specified currency.

hide_form_extras — hides additional elements from the first page: true or false. If it is true, the elements will not be displayed.
"hide_form_extras": false
deep_link —  lets you create deep links with a pre-set route. You can add to an URL departure and/or destination points, country to search a transfer and car class when this parameter is enabled. The points should be added in this order:

where: country — is a country name in English;

departure and destination points — the names of the points in English or IATA code.

The parts /country/name, /from/departure_point, /to/destination_point, by/car_class are not necessarily, i.e. just one of them can be specified. Example:

All the routes to some point will be displayed if you specify:

If you add a transfer class to the link above your visitor will be followed to the booking form of the Economy car class, for example: https://sitename.com/transfer/#/country/Germany/from/Berlin/to/TXL/by/Economy
Also, this parameter will help to create a deep link: you need to specify the departure and/or destination points in the widget’s fields and you get the deep link URL in the address line.

1. You need to renew the link after adding the point/points/country;
2. the link will be prioritized over the other widget settings.

hide_external_links — hides the external link Read more leading to the Kiwitaxi website. If it is true, "Read more" link will not be displayed.
"hide_external_links": true
ref_params — insert your partner ID and the White Label ID. Do not modify it.

scroll_offset — allows to set the distance (in pixels) from the top of the page to the top point of the visible content of widget. The page with the number of results is automatically scrolled till the car classes. If you use the fixed headers on your website you will need to customize the scroll_offset parameter. The default is 0, i.e. there is no indent.
"scroll_offset": 60
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at cpa@kiwitaxi.com. All the best!