Deep link generation
The deep link allows going to the page of a departure/destination point or to a route page without knowing their exact URL address. For this, search by parameters is used.

In order to generate a deep URL link, do the following:

1. Add /search to the URL: For .com domain, you need to mind the prefix of the locale (en, de, fr, es, pt, pl): (this is an example for the Spanish locale)

2. After /search, you need to add get-parameters (get-parameters are specified in the URL after "?" mark) and set for them values from (for a Pick-up point) and/or to (for a Drop-off point). Notice that you can specify both points, from and to, or only one of them.

For example:
If a link contains inexact name of a point (i.e. it contains the name of a street, a hotel etc.), the search is done by arguments. Based on the results, the user is forwarded to the route page; for example, the link will lead to the route

4. It is important to apply the URL encoding for from and to parameter values. It needs to be done so that the server did not mistake unalphabetic symbols in the names of departure/destination points for query parameters. For instance, character & serves as a divider between two get-parameters. So in the addresses of from/to points, which contain & in their names ("Hotel & SPA" etc.), it should be replaced with %26.

5. Use character & to add your partner ID to the link. For example: