Search by coordinates
You can create
an affiliate link by yourself
In order to generate a deep URL-link, follow these steps:
  1. add /search/? to URL
  2. after /search/?, specify get-parameters: from and/or to
More about how to create a deep link here.

This novelty makes work considerably easier if, for example, you have a catalog of hotels. Now you can write a script to put links into your website pages automatically.
    You can make
    non-standard queries
    From now on, you can make a query with the full address of departure/destination point, hotel name, transport hub type (airport, train station, port), encoded name.

    Before introducing the coordinate search, any custom query of the route led a user to the transfer price request page. Price calculation takes up to 48 hours, which often resulted in losing clients.

    The coordinate search simplifies filling out the booking form as well. Address or hotel name are automatically displayed in the booking form.
      You can give a link
      for a transfer to a particular hotel
      or popular tourist destination
      Now you have more options for placing links. You can cover the pages of hotels, hostels, apartments, and other accommodation places.

      To generate a link, it is enough to know the hotel's name.

      BUT: For example, in Berlin, there are several hotels of Park Inn brand. If you need a particular Park Inn hotel in Berlin, use the hotel's name indicated in Google maps as a get-parameter.
        We hope this new feature will make your work easier and nicer!