Transfers from Berlin airport «Schonefeld» (SXF)

are faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses, trains and taxis to the city center, hotel, resort, airport, train station or to any other place you need to get to.

Why do tourists book private transfers from Berlin airport «Schonefeld» (SXF)?

Schonefeld Airport Berlin – All routes

to Berlin from 69 USD
to Tegel Airport Berlin from 69 USD
to Central Train Station Berlin from 69 USD
to Leipzig from 330 USD
to Potsdam from 97 USD
to Schwedt from 234 USD
to Tropical Islands from 110 USD
to Dresden from 330 USD
to Burg, Spreewald from 165 USD
to Central Bus Station Berlin from 69 USD
to Oschersleben from 330 USD
to Neuzelle from 186 USD
to Tempelhof from 69 USD
to Szczecin from 358 USD
to Frankfurt (Oder) from 193 USD
to Dessau from 220 USD
to Blankenfelde-Mahlow from 62 USD
to Berlin-Lichtenberg Train Station from 62 USD
to Magdeburg from 261 USD
to Miedzyzdroje from 467 USD
to Karpacz from 495 USD
to Timmendorfer Strand from 619 USD
to Hannover from 399 USD
to Coswig, Anhalt from 200 USD
to Parchim from 330 USD
to Kolobrzeg from 536 USD
to Weimar Train Station from 481 USD
to Briesen from 103 USD
to Konigs Wusterhause from 90 USD
to Kreuzberg from 69 USD
to Riesa from 316 USD
to Prague from 316 USD
to Marianske Lazne from 687 USD
to Hamburg Airport from 413 USD
to Krausnick-Gross Wasserburg from 110 USD
to Wismar from 467 USD
to Tegel from 76 USD
to Warnemunde from 426 USD
to Birkenwerder from 117 USD
to Bamberg from 646 USD
to Meisdorf from 392 USD
to Warnemunde Port from 419 USD
to Torgelow am See from 337 USD
to Weimar from 495 USD
to Neuruppin from 172 USD
to Halle, Saxony-Anhalt from 303 USD
to Poznan from 426 USD
to Niesky from 413 USD
to Karlovy Vary Airport from 619 USD
to Rostock Port from 406 USD
to Greifswald from 467 USD
to Wolfsburg from 385 USD
to Gross Dolln from 179 USD
to Schonefeld from 69 USD
to Jena from 467 USD
to East Train Station Berlin from 69 USD
to Friedland from 619 USD
to Ketzin from 117 USD
to Wendisch Rietz from 110 USD
to Central Train Station Prague from 358 USD
to Waldsieversdorf from 131 USD
to Zwickau from 509 USD
to Kiel Port from 701 USD
to Braunschweig from 413 USD
to Dresden Central Train Station from 316 USD
to Schwerin from 474 USD
to Wroclaw from 413 USD
to Zeuthen from 90 USD
to Oranienburg from 172 USD
to Karlovy Vary from 715 USD
to Bad Saarow from 117 USD
to Premnitz from 220 USD
to Bremen from 680 USD
to Drezdenko from 406 USD
to Hof from 632 USD
to Rheinsberg from 303 USD
to Gorzow Wielkopolski from 330 USD
to Stralsund from 536 USD
to Grunheide from 69 USD
to Airport Leipzig-Halle from 316 USD
to Halberstadt from 358 USD
to Bad Harzburg from 474 USD
to Finsterwalde from 220 USD
to Rostock from 467 USD
to Erfurt from 536 USD
to Zielona Gora from 358 USD
to Chorin from 206 USD
to Chemnitz from 467 USD
to Helmstedt from 358 USD
to Seebad Ahlbeck from 522 USD
to Oberhof from 646 USD
to Grafenhainichen from 261 USD
to Bad Schandau from 413 USD
to Leipzig Train Station from 344 USD
to Rosslau from 248 USD
to Kleinmachnow from 97 USD
to Bydgoszcz from 660 USD
to Kostrzyn nad Odra from 206 USD
to Teltow from 97 USD
to Bad Berka from 564 USD
to Bad Belzig from 193 USD
to Zehlendorf from 81 USD
to Wroclaw Airport Copernicus from 413 USD
to Juterbog from 165 USD
to Plau am See from 358 USD
to Untergohren from 344 USD
to Lubin from 474 USD
to Lutherstadt Wittenberg from 213 USD
to Gottingen Train Station from 481 USD
to Baruth from 103 USD
to Waren from 303 USD
to Oebisfelde from 364 USD
to Leipzig Bus Station from 316 USD
to Furstenberg-Havel from 206 USD
to Poznan-Lawica Airport from 406 USD
to Halle, Wesfalen from 646 USD
to Gorlitz from 344 USD
to Erkner from 90 USD
to Garbsen from 516 USD
to Pritzwalk from 316 USD
to Hildesheim from 522 USD
to Freiberg from 371 USD
to Neddemin from 385 USD
to Heringsdorf from 440 USD
to Brandenburg from 186 USD
to Schonwalde-Glien from 97 USD
to Wismar Bus Station from 605 USD