Transfers from Hurghada airport (HRG)

are faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses, trains and taxis to the city center, hotel, resort, airport, train station or to any other place you need to get to.

Why do tourists book private transfers from Hurghada airport (HRG)?

Why do people book transfers from Hurghada airport (HRG)

Transfer is a transportation service which meets and brings you exactly where you asked: a Kiwitaxi driver meets you at the airport (as close to the Arrivals as possible), at the hotel reception or at the exactly given address, helps you with your luggage and brings you fast- track to your destination.

You can pre-order inexpensive taxi transfer to the city center or to the airport, comfortable car transfer for the family with children, Economy minivan for a tourist group or a Luxury transfer. The transfer cost from Hurghada airport (HRG) is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises : either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams.

Customer feedback

Every things works perfect
The service was great. Our driver was on time, friendly, and made sure that we were at the correct pier before he left, since it was a lesser used pier. All in all excellent! Thank you.
The service provided was excellent. The driver was waiting for us in the arrivals department, and even though we were 30 minutes late, he was very kind, gentle and helpful. We arrived at our destination without any problems. We are very happy with his services. Totally recommended.
Thank you very much. The driver was early at our pick up point, extremely helpful throughout the journey and a very good driver. We had a comfort stop about half way and had a chance to buy drinks. Our vehicle was spacious and comfortable for the 4 hour journey. Our friends will make a booking for their return trip to Saigon on Monday.
Easy to book and pay. Driver was waiting for us and was extremely friendly and welcoming. Lovely vehicle and smooth trip (child booster seats were ready as requested). Would def use again.
Driver was on time with an easily readable sign, easy to spot. Car was clean, driver nice and brought me directly and quickly to the hotel.
Everything was good/perfect. On time, good sign with my name on it, good car in my case a BMW 730. I will recomment KIWITAXI everyone!!!
Everything was great!!! We were lucky with the driver that met us on time at the airport, helped with luggage and drove fast to the hotel. During the road we learned a lot of useful thing about the city life. Highly recommended service!
I liked that the cabdriver offered Wi-Fi to me. It is very useful to get in touch with your family after arriving to Moscow if you haven’t got a Russian SIM card.
Hello, the service was excellent. The driver very kind and helpful. The possibility to pay in cash was very good as I do not have a credit card. I would definitively recommend Kiwitaxi to all of my friends and would choose it in any country where it operates. Thanks again

Transfers vs. Other Ways to Get from Hurghada Airport

Hurghada International Airport is the second busiest airport in Egypt: it receives around 3,6 million passengers a year. This is an arrival spot for tourists heading to the resorts of Makadi Bay, El Gouna, Soma Bay, and Sahl Hasheesh. There are two terminals at the airport: the first receives charter flights from Europe, and the second one - all the rest (both charter and regular flights).

How to get from Hurghada Airport to the city center or the other way round

It is only 5km from the airport to Hurghada. You have three options to get there:

  • share taxis. They run to Hurghada center and the nearest resorts. There is no exact timetable. The stop is located at the terminal exit, and the tickets can be bought from a driver;
  • taxi, which can be taken on the spot. In Hurghada, it will not be possible to use the familiar aggregators like Uber;
  • transfer booked online.

If your flight arrives at night, it is better to book a transfer in advance or take a taxi.

Transfer vs. Taxi from Hurghada Airport(taken on the spot)

Advantages of a private transfer

A calm trip. A transfer driver always keeps the speed limit, whereas a trip with a local taxi from Hurghada Airport to your hotel will not be as comfortable.

The sum is for a car and known in advance. When you already seem to reach an agreement with a driver about the final price, at the end of a trip, he/she might say that it was a fare for a passenger. You have a choice: to argue with him/her or to pay. Or you can book a transfer from Hurghada Airport to your hotel in advance: its price is known already when booking and specified for a car rather than a number of passengers.

You will not be deceived. The official currency in Egypt is an Egyptian pound. Piastres are the smaller bill in Egypt. Visually, they look similar, and when often used, they differ very little. Taxi drivers take advantage of it: for example, you give him/her a note worth 50 pounds, he/she takes it and then gives you a note worth 50 piastres, saying you’ve mistaken. The transfer driver bears responsibility for your trip, so he/she will not cheat.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

Four times more expensive. If you come across an honest driver, you will get from the airport to Hurghada for approximately 110 Egyptian pounds (~6 dollars). An individual transfer costs minimum 24 dollars.

Transfer from Hurghada Airport vs. Share Taxi

Advantages of a private transfer

Transfer will arrive at the specified time. Share taxis do not even have an approximate timetable - you can spend a lot of time on waiting and be late for your flight.

No need to pay extra in a share taxi. If you are the only person travelling in a minibus, the trip will be considered as a taxi trip (and will cost accordingly). You will learn about it as soon as you are asked to pay.

You will not miss your stop. Share taxis in Hurghada stop only on request, so you risk missing your stop if you do not let the driver know in advance or mispronounced the name of your stop.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

Much more expensive. It is always better to check the cost of a trip before departure. As a rule, one ticket to the city center costs around 2 Egyptian pounds (~0,11 dollars).