Transfers from Prague airport «Vaclav Havel» (PRG)

are faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses, trains and taxis to the city center, hotel, resort, airport, train station or to any other place you need to get to.

Why do tourists book private transfers from Prague airport «Vaclav Havel» (PRG)?

Why do people book transfers from Prague airport «Vaclav Havel» (PRG)

Transfer is a transportation service which meets and brings you exactly where you asked: a Kiwitaxi driver meets you at the airport (as close to the Arrivals as possible), at the hotel reception or at the exactly given address, helps you with your luggage and brings you fast- track to your destination.

You can pre-order inexpensive taxi transfer to the city center or to the airport, comfortable car transfer for the family with children, Economy minivan for a tourist group or a Luxury transfer. The transfer cost from Prague airport «Vaclav Havel» (PRG) is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises : either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams.

Customer feedback

Superorganized in every detail. ....The information before, upgrading the car without extra charge in advance, the fast and nice service at the pick up place and the reasonable price!
Ten out of ten. Both drivers were on time and professional. Would definitely use Kiwi taxis again. Communication was also good Keeping us informed of driver contact details
The driver was waiting for us at the exit, even with the plane arriving late. He was very polite, drove well, we could understand each other perfectly in english (even that it was not our first language). Everything went well and I definetly recommend the service.

Transfers vs. Other Ways to Get from Prague Ruzyne Airport

Prague Airport is now called Vaclav Havel Airport, but most of tourists still call it Ruzyne after the district, where it is located. Several years ago Prague Airport was recognized as a best air hub in Central and Western Europe and is now the biggest transport hub of Czech Republic. There are four terminals there.

How to get from Prague Ruzyne Airport to the city center and the other way round

The capital of Czech republic has a well-developed transportation system. You can get from Prague Airport by several types of transport within 30 minutes. Buses come frequently and regularly. You can get from the airport terminal to the city:

  • by city buses, going to underground stations (N 119, 100, 179 and night bus N 510);
  • by express bus, going to Prague Central station «Praha hl. nádraží»;
  • by private shuttle buses of different companies (e.g. Prague Airport Transfers SRO, CEDAZ);
  • by taxi, called either on site or via an app;
  • by a private transfer, booked online in advance.

Transfer from Prague Ruzyne Airport vs. Taxi called via an app

Advantages of an individual transfer

A driver is responsible for your safety. Taxi drivers, registered in the app, are not checked. Roughly speaking, you know nothing about the qualification, driver’s experience or a technical state of a car. But, Kiwitaxi drivers as well as the drivers of the official local taxi services, get attested and have personal responsibility for your safety and the safety of your belongings.

Price is the same, but service is better. Average fare of a trip with Uber from the airport to Prague is approximately worth 720 Kč (€26,5), and with our transfer — €28. But, in case of a transfer, a driver will meet you with a sign, help with the luggage and provide with a child safety seat, if you have ordered it.

Transfer vs. Taxi from Prague Ruzyne Airport, called on site

Advantages of a private transfer

English-speaking staff. Private Czech companies such as ААА or Modry Andel have English-speaking staff, but tourists often note, that it is difficult to reserve a taxi at Ruzyne Airport desk or on the phone. Operators, taking the orders, most often speak Czech. All Kiwitaxi transfers are coordinated by English-speaking managers, who will help you solve any problem, be it the payment issues or complaints.

No need to exchange money. Official Czech currency, koruna, is not only required in public transport, but also in Czech taxis. So, upon arrival at Prague Ruzyne you will have to join a queue in the currency exchange office (at the airport the rate is unfavourable) and then look for a transport. In some taxis it is possible to pay by card, however, the credit card terminal will charge a commission for converting the money from you euro or dollar account into korunas (from 1% to 7% depending on the bank). In case of Kiwitaxi transfer from Prague Airport, you can pay both in korunas and euros on-site. You can pay the trip online in advance by card in a favourable currency.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

33% more expensive. An average cost of a taxi ride from the airport to Prague city center makes 500 Kč (€18,5), and the transfer costs €28.

Transfer vs. Buses and shuttle buses from Prague Ruzyne Airport

Advantages of a private transfer

It takes you straight to the hotel. Group shuttle buses and city buses from Ruzyne Airport will bring you not to Prague city center or the Old Town, but only to the underground station (green or yellow line). You will have to get to your hotel or the train station with changes, which will be difficult if you have a lot of luggage or small children. Our service will take you to the hotel and help with the luggage.

1,5 times as fast. Given the number of stops, waiting time and changes, you will get to your hotel in approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by buses or shuttle buses. Despite traffic jams, our transfers guarantee to bring you to your destination in 55 minutes.

Disadvantage of a private transfer

More expensive than public transport. If the ticket price for city buses starts from €1,2, private shuttle bus will already cost from € 5,6. Our transfer from Prague Airport for 7 passengers, for example, will be even cheaper — €5 pro person.