Transport abroad: How to not get in trouble

Are you going to travel? Congratulations! Most of tourists travel by themselves as flashpackers without booking any tour and, unfortunately, they have problem with transport.

Why should you worry about transport?

Nowadays everyone knows how to book a flight but just a few of tourists worry about transport beforehand. Imagine that you arrive at the airoport. How can you find your hotel or the adress you need? If you don’t worry about your transport beforehand you will take risk to spoil your vacation. Thousands of tourists have problems with their transport abroad every year.

6 hours to get to your hotel

146759667You are sure that you always can go by bus from airport. There are buses that run between the airoport and a place you need. It takes about 4-6 hours to get to your hotel and if you travel with children it will be really hard time.

100 EUR for 10 min trip by taxi

Thai Taxi Driver_03Another option is to take a taxi. It’s easier than to go by bus. But if you forget to settle the price with the driver beforehand most probably that you will have to pay a hatful of money. Moreover you don’t speak his language. Unfortunately, taxi drivers cheat on tourists quite often.

How can you get to place without a problem?

There are a few rules how to avoid most of transport problems.

1. Choose a proper transport

If you travel alone, you have a good sense of direction and you speak foreign language, bus and commuter train will be a quite good choice. But if you travel with children, you don’t speak foreign language and that’s your first time in another country, to book a taxi transfer will be much better for you.

2. Don’t take owner driver’s taxi

Anyway, we recommend you to take an official transport: buses from the airport or taxi transfers. Tourists have problem with owner drivers quite often.

3. Try to book beforehand

The perfect choice is to book your transfer beforehand. It takes a few minutes. Driver will meet you at the airport and will drop you to your hotel. Бронировать такси заранее удобнее и быстрее Sometimes, it’s not possible to book a bus seat beforehand but you always can book your taxi transfer almost everywhere.
  • We can guaranty that the car you need will pick you up
  • The driver will meet you with the nameplate
  • Our cars have airconditioners, water and child seats if you need them
  • You don’t need to explain the driver your route
  • English speaking taxi manager will help you with any questions
  • You know the price of your trip beforehand
  • You can pay your transfer by card on our website

How to book a transfer?

To book a transfer from the airport takes a few minutes.
  1. Choose airport and place of your hotel location
  2. Choose appropriate car class (economy, comfort, minibus)
  3. Point your arrival time and your telephone number
  4. Make a prepayment or full payment
You have booked your transfer and the driver will meet you at the airport. Choose your transport carefully, book it beforehand and travel with pleasure!

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