How to get to Porto or from it to International Airport and the nearest settlements


Porto Airport → city centre

Are you arriving at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto? We will tell you how to get to the city center by bus, metro, transfer or taxi.

Lisbon → Porto

In this full Airguide, we described in details all the possible ways to get to Porto from Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport and compared their comfort level, durations, and prices. Tourists may choose bus, train, plane — or pre-book a convenient transfer in advance.

How to get to Porto or from it to International Airport and the nearest settlements

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe — its area is constantly inhabited since the 4th century AD. That’s the reason it is full of ancient monumental buildings: palaces and cathedrals, Town Hall and Rialto, and also beautiful bridges over the Dora river. It’s great to go for a walk in the old city center or rent a bike and ride along the seafront enjoying the beautiful view. And don’t forget to try Portugal cuisine with its seafood and port wine.

Porto is quite popular with tourists from all over the world because of its mild Mediterranean climate and bright carnivals. It is no wonder that its transport system is great developed. There are city and intercity buses, underground, trams, trains, funicular railway, and also several taxi and transfer services. Like other seaside cities, Porto also has its own harbor, from which you may travel by ferryboat to some nearest islands like Madeira. Our Airguide is aimed at helping you learn all the information about Porto transport types and choose those which fit you most.

Porto transport timetable

Transport timetable in Porto and its neighborhood is quite convenient — there are many routes to different parts of city and country, and all the buses and trains run pretty often. However, the vast majority of routes stop running at night — if you are planning to come to your hotel late, it’s better to use taxi or transfer.

How to choose a suitable of transport trains in Porto

We understand that every journey is unique, and there is no universal solution which suits everybody. Anyway, we strongly recommend you to plan your trip in advance: determine interesting places to visit and think about how to get to them with the help of the Airguide. There are some points which are necessary to consider while choosing convenient transport:

  • the budget of your journey;
  • amount of your fellow travelers;
  • presence of children or aged people in your company;
  • arrival time;
  • amount of bags and suitcases;
  • time restrictions;
  • fear of getting lost without foreign language knowledge.

In some cases, it’s better to save money and ride a bus or train — especially public transport in Portugal is pretty fast and comfortable. But other tourists prefer to book a transfer in advance and not worry about wasting time or finding a bus stop.

Kiwitaxi Airguide: how to get to Porto or from it to International Airport and the nearest settlements?

In these Airguide articles, we collected some tips about getting to Porto from the International Airport or some Portugal cities and resorts. If you don’t want to stay in Porto during your trip and prefer to visit other places in Portugal and Europe, choose transport according to these points:

  • If you are a single experienced tourist or want to save money, choose public transport — bus, train or ferryboat.
  • If you are traveling with children or aged parents, book a transfer car to let them travel with comfort. Don’t forget to warn us if you need a baby car seat.
  • If you are arriving with a big group of fellow travelers, it’s also possible to book a transfer — in KiwiTaxi there are some vans which accommodate up to 19 people. In some situations, it could be cheaper than riding intercity buses or trains.

Have fun in Portugal and enjoy the sea!