How to get to Munich and from it
to cities of Germany and Europe


Munich Airport → Munich city centre

How to get from Munich Airport to Munich city centre? Use regular buses, trains, or transfers if you want your trip to be comfortable. For prices and timetables, see our Airguide.

Memmingen Airport → Munich

To get from Memmingen Airport to Munich, you need to choose a train, a bus, or a transfer. Each of these kinds of transport has their own advantages. Compare them in our KiwiTaxi Airguide!

Munich → Kitzbuhel

You can get from Munich Airport to the ski resort of Kitzbuhel by train with changes or directly by ski transfer (taxi). For prices, see our Airguide.

Munich → Mayrhofen

To get from Munich to the ski resort of Mayrhofen, take a bus or train with changes or a direct ski transfer. See prices and travel times in Airguide.

Munich → Neuschwanstein Castle

You can get from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle by train, bus, or individual transfer (taxi). Compare prices and travel times for all these forms of transport in our Airguide.

Munich → Prague
Germany/Czech Republic

Choose one of the following kinds of transport for the Munich-Prague route: a plane, a bus, a train, or a transfer. Compare travel times and prices, and view timetables in KiwiTaxi Airguide!

How to get to Munich and from it to cities of Germany and Europe

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and Germany. This is a modern city which has retained in its cobbled streets and gorgeous castles around it the spirit of antiquity, as well as in its authentic breweries which have become the symbol of the city. If you are going to come to Munich or arriving in it (for instance, to get to one of the nearby ski resorts), then our Airguides will be helpful for you. Guides on “How to get to Munich…” and “How to get from Munich” can be found in this section.

We’ve tried to bring together the most useful information about the transport operating in the area of Munich and between the cities. For this purpose, we’ve studied some special forums and travel blogs, and collected first-hand information about which kind of transport can be considered the most trustworthy and which one shouldn’t be used. In our guides, each of the routes (Memmingen-Munich, Munich-Neuschwanstein, Munich-Prague, and others) is described in detail. Each of these routes has their own peculiarities, so study prices and travel times for each of them thoroughly.

Munich transport timetable

Though Munich is traditionally considered a ‘winter season’ city (as tourists often go from it to various ski resorts), in summer the transport in this place is as frequent as it is in winter. Probably, some special shuttles to mountain villages stop operating at this time of year, but in the city and its surroundings trains, buses and taxis are always available.

How to get to Munich and from it?

Only a very experienced traveller can quickly orientate himself in an unfamiliar place. So if you are not such a tourist and are going to Munich for the first time, we recommend you to pay your attention to some important things before making your trip:

– if you have large luggage, heavy suitcases, or ski equipment, choose routes with minimum transport changes and short waiting time. Munich public transport is not meant for bulky luggage, so you should also be ready for that;

– if you are travelling with children or aged relatives, then you should definitely choose some comfortable kind of transport, especially for long-distance intercity trips;

– there are few night routes for public transport in Munich, that’s why it is very important for those tourists who arrive at night to decide in advance – which kind of transport they are going to take to get to the city;

If you take all these points into account, it would be much easier for you to make a proper plan of your trip.

KiwiTaxi Airguide: how to get to Munich and from it?

All tips provided by us in our Airguides are of a recommendatory nature. Of course, we draw on the experience of travellers who know Munich well, but remember that your trip is unique, and only you can choose the best way to get to the destination. If you are young, travel without children and large luggage, want to save money and are ready to sacrifice comfort, then choose public transport. Those for whom it’s important to get to the hotel or the resort quickly and without changes, who are equipped with skis or snowboards, and all families with small children – we recommend to evaluate the comfort and convenience of Munich taxis and transfers.

Your journey in Munich will surely be great! Have a nice trip!