How to get from London airports
to London?


Heathrow Airport → London
Great Britain

You can get from Heathrow Airport to London by shuttle, underground, train, or taxi. Compare travel times and prices for all forms of transport in our Airguide.

Stansted Airport → London
Great Britain

To get from Stansted Airport to London, take a shuttle, a train, or a taxi (transfer). For the distance between the airport and the city, travel times and ticket prices, see our guide.

Gatwick Airport → London
Great Britain

One can easily get from Gatwick Airport to London by express train, usual electric train, commercial shuttle, or taxi. Each means of transport has its own peculiarities – you can read about them in our KiwiTaxi Airguide.

How to get from London airports to London city centre, and how to get from London to other cities of Great Britain
Great Britain

London, the capital of Great Britain, has five airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Stansted and Luton. The population of the city is 8.6 million people, except for tourists. So it is no surprise that the London transport network is so well-developed: buses, trains and underground – all this regularly gets renewed and is rather frequent.

London underground

The London Underground has one interesting peculiarity. Many platforms and tracks of different lines intersect and are even common. Thus, you can go from one station in two absolutely different directions. In order not to get lost in the London underground, study its map in advance and watch the electronic display which will provide you with the information on train routes.
Also, we advise you to listen to voice announcements: they will inform you about train changes, route cancellations or traffic stop. If you don’t speak English well and won’t probably understand such announcements, it would be better for you to use some other type of transport.

London buses

Red two-storey buses became the symbol of London a very long time ago. However, this comfortable and enjoyable mode of travel has its own peculiarities.
Recently, it has become impossible to pay in cash on London buses, so you should keep that in mind and buy an Oyster Card travel card right at the airport (or its tourist version – a Visitor Oyster Card which enables you to get discounts in various restaurants and recreational areas). With these cards, you can pay your fare not only on London buses, but also on the underground, river buses and most trains. If you have a contactless payment card, it can be used, as well.
If you spend £9.3 of your Oyster Card balance in one day, the cost of all next trips will nullify. Note that London buses stop on request. So if you don’t raise your arm when standing at a stop, a bus can easily drive you by. When exiting a bus, you need to push the special button on the handrail inside the cabin which will give a signal to the driver that you are ready to get off.

London trains

Many underground lines and train platforms intersect, so it is easy to change from a train to the underground and vice versa. Trains can take you to London airports, however you cannot pay for such trips with pre-paid cards, so you will need to buy a ticket.

London taxi

Those who are in a hurry, don’t want to have problems with luggage, and all families with children and aged travellers, we recommend to choose London taxi. Black cabs, along with red two-storey buses, have been the symbol of London. The journey cost is calculated according to the taximeter. You will see that a car is available for hire when a yellow sign at its front is illuminated. If you take a taxi at the airport or have a trip on holidays, the journey cost increases considerably.
If you want to be met at the time specified by you and pay a fixed sum of money for your trip, then booking a KiwiTaxi transfer in London will be the best option for you.