How to get to and from Heraklion Airport
in Greece?


Heraklion Airport → Rethymno

It is possible to get from Heraklion Airport to Rethymno by public transport or taxi. First option is suited for those who are travelling light, and the second one is better for tourists who value comfort. Prices and travel time are in our Airguide.

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Heraklion Airport → Hersonissos

One can get from Heraklion to Hersonissos by public transport or transfer booked in advance. Compare prices and travel time of the trip in Kiwitaxi Airguide.

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How to get from Heraklion Airport to other cities in Greece?

Transport at Heraklion Airport

On Crete island there is no other public transport, but buses. So when planning a trip from Heraklion Airport to your holiday destination, keep in mind that it is not possible to get there by city train or share taxi. You will have to choose between buses and local taxi. Car park of the Greek company KTEL consists of rather old cars, many of which have no air conditioner. At the temperature of 29-32 degrees it can be difficult for children and elderly people to travel in a car.
However, a bus ride is a good transport option for young people with little luggage, as buses from Heraklion Airport set off every 15-20 minutes. But this applies only to city buses; the intervals between intercity buses can be absolutely different. It makes sense to get this information at the bus station or at the departure stop. On average, buses to Crete resorts depart from Heraklion up to 3 times a day.

Transport prices in Heraklion

The price of a city bus trip from Heraklion Airport is around 2 euro, and the price of inter-city bus trip may be 3 euro or more (depending on a trip distance). Taxi and pre-booked transfer cost several times more: prices start from 20 euro. However, the high prices are conditioned both by comfort level (which intercity buses in Heraklion cannot beat), and trip speed. Because, having booked a tranfer in Heraklion you are likely to get to your hotel 1,5-3 times sooner than by bus with changes.

A trip with a child from Heraklion Airport

One of the transport problems on Crete is its unsuitability for children. There are no special seats and belts in a bus, and taxis lack child seats. And though the drivers do their best to drive the speed limit, every trip without special equipment becomes quite dangerous for a little passenger.
For those who arrive at Heraklion Airport with one child or more, we recommend to order a transfer to your holiday destination. When booking online you can specify your child’s age and choose a child seat, which not only provides security, but also allows your baby to have a good rest during a long trip. When ordering a transfer you can also book child seats, boosters as well as infant car seats for the smallest travellers.

Whatever transport type you choose for your trip, make sure to learn timetables and ticket prices in Kiwitaxi Airguide for Heraklion region. In our guides we collected all the important information: from the routes description to visual charts to compare travel time and number of changes. Have a nice and relaxed trip across Crete!