How to get from Burgas Airport
to cities of Bulgaria. Transport guide


Burgas Airport → Burgas city centre

You’ve begun your journey across Bulgaria. How to get from Burgas Airport to Burgas city centre? You can get there by bus or taxi, depending on your goals. For more details about prices and travel times, read our Airguide.

Burgas → Varna

You can get from Burgas to the inviting city of Varna – the main seaside resort of Bulgaria – by bus, plane, or taxi. To find out the distance from Burgas to Varna, ticket prices and timetables, see our Airguide.

Burgas Airport → Sunny Beach

ДTo get from Burgas Airport to magnificent beaches of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, take a bus, a taxi, or a shared transfer. You can see all prices and timetables in our KiwiTaxi Airguide.

Burgas Airport → Sofia

The wonderful city of Sofia is meeting its guests. Take a bus, a train, a plane or a taxi to get from Burgas. Compare travel times, prices and comfort levels in Airguide.

Burgas Airport → Istanbul

You can get from Burgas to the Turkish city of Istanbul by bus or taxi. In the first case, you’re saving money, while in the second case you’re saving a lot of time and nerves avoiding changes. For more details, see Airguide.

How to get from Burgas Airport to cities of Bulgaria
Burgas Airport

Bulgaria is very popular among tourists. Inexpensive resorts, warm sea, and great service – all this made Bulgaria a good place for summer holidays (the high season is from May to September). If you arrive at Burgas Airport, then our Airguides will be helpful to you – they will tell you how to get from Burgas Airport to resorts of Bulgaria: Varna, Sunny Beach, Sofia, and even the Turkish city of Istanbul. We know everything about Burgas transport and peculiarities of Bulgarian transport services in general.

The purpose of KiwiTaxi Airguides is not to choose this or that means of transport for you, but to tell you about advantages and disadvantages of different routes from Burgas Airport. Before publishing our Airguides, we thoroughly study various tourist forums and blogs. This allows to tell our readers some little-known facts about transport in Burgas. For example, very few people know that during the high season it is better to book seats on Burgas Airport shuttles in advance. When you arrive at the airport, you can find out that there are no available seats on a bus (they are sold out 1-2 hours before departure). By the way, buying tickets for both buses and taxis online will help you save a considerable amount of money. Local drivers tend to take advantage of tourists’ inexperience and inflate prices.

Burgas Airport. Transport timetable

The peak season in Bulgaria is in summer and early autumn. So as the number of tourists increases, transport becomes more frequent. However, you can also get from the airport to your destination out of season. The most important thing is to check Burgas Airport transport timetable: you can do this in our guides or on carriers’ websites.

What is the best way to get from Burgas Airport to your destination?

Any experienced Europe traveller will tell you that to make your trip across Bulgaria pleasant and easy, you should take both transport peculiarities of the region (as we mentioned before) and your own opportunities into account:

– note that to pay for a bus or other public transport ticket, you’ll have to exchange currency right upon arrival. Most drivers in Burgas take the local currency only – the Bulgarian lev, BGN (this is not the case for a pre-booked transfer – you can pay for it by card online in your desired currency);

– most bus and route taxi drivers, as well as train conductors don’t speak any language but Bulgarian. So you won’t be able to ask about the route, ask to make a stop, etc. Get ready in advance by thinking over the route and writing down the most important phrases from a phrasebook. On the contrary, private transfer drivers often speak English. And if they don’t, they are given clear instructions on how to get tourists to their hotels. For example, with KiwiTaxi, you can contact an English-speaking operator responsible for your journey at any moment;

– those who have a lot of luggage should avoid routes with a lot of changes in the city. Otherwise, they might get lost in the streets of Burgas looking for a stop and having plenty of suitcases with them;

– if you are travelling with small children, don’t forget to book child seats beforehand (on buses and cars), and think about how you can reduce travel time so that your children won’t be exhausted after long travelling and waiting;

– all travellers arriving at Burgas Airport at night should be aware of the night transport timetable – there are not so many journeys at night, so check them before departure.

KiwiTaxi Airguide. How to get from Burgas Airport to your hotel or resort?

Although each form of transport has their own advantages and disadvantages, KiwiTaxi Airguides have some recommendations for tourists who are arriving at Burgas Airport and then going from it to their hotels or resorts. Young and energetic tourists who are travelling alone or as a couple, have no large luggage, speak foreign languages or know how to plan their route with the help of smartphone apps, we recommend to save money and take public transport – trains and buses. This is the best way to get acquainted with bright and beautiful Bulgaria and save a considerable amount of money.

If you are travelling with small children or aged people, orient yourself badly in unfamiliar places, are afraid to get lost or take the wrong route, have a lot of luggage or arrive at night, it is better to take a local taxi or book a private transfer. This will help you save your nerves and energy, and get from Burgas Airport to your destination fast and in comfort.