How to get from Denpasar Airport to Bali and Bali resorts?


Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport → Kuta

It is easy to get from Denpasar Airport to the resort of Kuta by bus or taxi, which can be taken on the spot or booked in advance. In order to compare prices on public and private transport, read the Airguide.

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Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport → Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a popular Bali resort and it is possible to get there by bemo, shuttle buse, and transfer. The timetables and detailed routes can be found in Kiwitaxi Airguide.

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How to get from Bali Airport to the resorts

Transport in Bali

Like other resorts of Asia, the magical island of Bali thrives at the expense of tourism. This affects the whole industry of local transportation: it focuses mainly on transportation of tourists who arrive on the island. The island is, by our standards, small – only 5800 square kilometers, so there is neither a very developed network of commercial buses, nor its own railway.
80% of transport in Bali designed for passenger transportation are presented by specific minibuses – bemos. Like Thai tuk-tuks or songthaews, these vehicles are not spread beyond the country. Three-wheel minibuses are designed for no more than 3 passengers. Tourists can also use shuttle buses, big commercial buses connecting the resorts with each other. What differs them from huge intercity buses is low comfort level and a small size.
In the end, every traveller may book a taxi in Bali: choose one of the local companies or book a transfer with English-speaking support.

Transport prices in Bali

Tourists are the main income source for public and private transport drivers in Bali, so they will never miss the chance to take advantage of the travellers. If a bemo trip costs only 7000 rupees ($0.5) for a fellow countrymen, it will cost 10-15 times more for foreigners. The same applies to shuttles and taxis. The driver may easily charge an extra fee for additional baggage or the late time of a trip.
Of course, you can always discuss the prices on the trip beforehand, before getting on a transport. But keep in mind, that local people speak very poor English. And very often, they even pretend that they do not understand you at all, in any language.
If you are afraid of getting in a trouble and be deceived by scam drivers in Bali, book a transfer online. You will learn the cost of the trip in advance in dollars or euros and it will not change after making a booking: nobody will ask you for more money.

A trip with a child to Bali

Another story is when you are travelling to Bali with a baby or a child under seven. The locals here are not familiar with a term ‘child safety’ – neither in bemos nor in shuttles, you can find any holding devices: you will have to carry your child in your arms. A rare taxi can in Bali has a child seat, and you will have to make a lot of efforts to find such a car at the airport (naturally, depriving other parents of it).
There are two options for travelling across Bali with a baby: to trust in luck or order a transfer, specifying a child seat as a required service. By the way, we do not recommend to ride a bemo not only because they lack holding devices. More importantly, these vehicles are often driven by illegal drivers without the license. It means, the driver often bears no responsibility for the safety during a trip. And if such an adventure may seem fun for young travellers, mothers and fathers should, first of all, secure the safety of their child and use only the services of the licensed drivers.

When choosing transport in Bali, take into account your personal requirements for transportation. If you travel light, with hand luggage, without children, have no serious health problems and want to save up – catch a bemo. If you need at least minimum comfort, it is better to buy a ticket on the shuttle on the spot. Those who travel with children, those not ready to adjust to timetables and fight with drivers over prices, are recommended to order a transfer in Bali. In order to learn exact prices and transport route timetables, study our Airguide on Bali resorts: Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Kuta, and other wonderful places of this magical island. Have a great journey!