How to get from Larnaca Airport to other cities?
Transport guide


Larnaca Airport → Ayia Napa

One can get from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa resort by bus or taxi. Compare prices and travel time of these two types of transport in our Airguide.

Larnaca Airport → Limassol

It is easy to get to Limassol from Larnaca Airport both by a group and individual transfer. Each type has its own price and travel time.

Larnaca Airport → Protaras

How to get from Larnaca Airport to Protaras? By taxi or by bus! The distance between cities is 67 km, so you need to approach the question of transport choice seriously!

How to get from Larnaca to other cities of Cyprus

Transport at Larnaca Airport

The only public transport type on Cyprus is the bus. If you plan to travel from Larnaca Airport to any other Cyprus resort: Limassol, Protaras, or Ayia Napa, keep in mind, that you will have to choose between bus, local taxi, and transfer booked in advance. Two types of buses depart from the airport: green and blue. Taxi can be ordered in the arrivals area (at the counter of one of the taxi companies) or booked online in advance.

Buses run quite often, however, many bus stops, including the ones at the airport, are not equipped with the sheds against the sunlight, so a tourist will have to wait for a bus under the baking sun. In order to find the right stop, it is sometimes necessary to search through travel forums, as Larnaca authorities often modify bus routes, placing them to parallel streets. Intercity buses have their own schedules, which is better to be checked before your flight.

Transport prices in Larnaca

Public transport fares rarely exceed 1,5 euro. But single tickets on the routes from Larnaca to Ayia Napa, Limassol, and Protaras will cost a tourist from 4 to 9 euro. Some routes offer discounts or free ride for children under 6 y.o., and in some cases, it is required to pay for every passenger.

Starting fee will cost you 3.42 euro during a day (from 6:01 to 20:30), and minimum 4.36 euro at any other time according to the night tariff. Mileage is also paid according to the time of a day: 0.73 or 0.85 euro, respectively. By the way, in case of a taxi, a tourist will have to pay for luggage as well: every suitcase heavier than 12 kg, will cost a tourists 1,2 euro. You will find out the final sum only upon arrival at your destination.

A trip by transfer is always paid according to the fixed rate, regardless of the time of a day or a number of luggage items. You will get to Larnaca from the airport for 21 euro. Prices for intercity trips by transfer start from 50 euro.

A trip with a child from Larnaca Airport

Most official taxi cabs in Cyprus are good and new and equipped with soft seats and air conditioners. However, not each of them has child and baby seats. So, if you are travelling with a child, it makes sense to ask before the trip for a special seat for your child to travel safely.

It is even better to order a transfer from Larnaca Airport to your destination. When booking online, you can specify your child’s age and choose a child seat or booster, which will not only provide safety, but also let your kid have a good rest during a long journey.

Whatever transport option you choose, we sincerely wish you to enjoy your trip to Larnaca, scenic Cyprus views, and your holiday. Remember, it is better to start your vacation with a positive spirit and in a relaxing atmosphere, which will guarantee you a wonderful time!