How to get from Barcelona airport to the city center

Barcelona is a wonderful city in the Spanish Catalonia, which attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are going to fly to Barcelona and have wondered how to get from the airport of Barcelona (El Prat) to the city – we have prepared for you a handy guide on this route. You can reach city center by taxi, bus and train. Road usually takes half an hour, you should pay from € 2,15 to € 50. To reach bus station or parking near the terminals T1 and T2 – use signboards and arrows. Barcelona airport map | KiwiTaxi Blog   If you want to save money and travel as flashpackers, bus and commuter train will be a quite good choice. You can buy universal card T10, which can be used to travel around the city. If you don’t want to wait, travel with children or elderly people, that’s your first time in another country, getting an Airbus or taxi would be much better for you.

Municipal buses №46 and №17 (NiT-bus) depart from stops near the terminal and go to Pr.Parallel. The bus can seat 30-60 people. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the centre. Ticket price starts from € 2,5. If you travel alone, without children, speak foreign language and you aren’t afraid to get lost, bus is the best choice.

Minicipal buses: TBM №46 and NitBus №17
Timetable: round the clock
Route: · Airport T1 · Airport, T2B · Airport, T2S · Autovia Castelldefels · Avenida Granvia · Hospital Oncologíc · Ciencies · Centre Commercial – Gran Via 2 · Centra del Prat · Granvia · Plaça Espanya · Avenida Paral.lel
Travel time: 40+ minutes
Waiting time: 20 minutes
Comfort: places for the disabled, cheap, bus runs at night
Price: one-way € 2.15. Ticket for 10 trips in any public transport (T10) costs € 9,95
For whom: alone, without children, know route, know language

How to find: In the plan – number 4. The first stop is outside the terminal T2A (to the left from Aerobus stop if you facing the airport), the next stop near T2S. Last stop at the airport is located directly in front of T1.

Train (RENFE +34 90 210 9420)

Another option is to go by train RENFE – comfortable European train. The train departs from the platform at the airport and goes to El Clot. At rushhours you have to ride standing up, when all the seats are occupied. One-way trip costs € 3. It’s your choise if you’re flashpackers who have a good sense of direction and travel without children and luggage (the train doesn’t have special place for luggage, you should put it under the seats).

Timetable: from 5:42 to 23:38
Route: · Barcelona Airport, railway station at building T2B · Estació Sants · Passeig de Gràcia · El Clot
Travel time: 25 minutes
Waiting time: 30 minutes
Comfort: few stops, speed, without sick
Price: € 3 (or T10 € 9,95)
For whom: without children and lot of luggage, know the route, know the language

How to find: In the plan – number 2. The entrance to the railway station is located in a building T2B. Take the escalators leading to the departure hall, then go on the covered way. To get to the station from the terminal T1 you need to walk to the end of the platform and out of the airport building through the door on the left. There is a shuttle station when you can get a bus and reach railway for free.

Group transfer (Airbus +34 90 210 0104)

The express bus runs from El Prat to Barcelona city center almost non-stop. You go by a public bus, and pay less than a taxi and more than a municipal bus. It’s a good choice if you don’t hurry, traveling without babies. But Airbus doesn’t run at night.

Timetable: 06:00 to 01:00
Route: to Pl.Katalonii (stops Pl.Espanya, Sepúlveda-Urgell)
Travel time: 30-35 minutes
Waiting time: 5 minutes
Comfort: few stops, fast, comfortable seats
Price: one-way ticket costs € 5,9. Return ticket – € 10,2
For whom: traveling alone, couples without children, children from 5 years

How to find: Go straight on the arrival zone, on the right side you will see the exit to the bus. Go down the escalator – you’re on the spot.

Taxi at the airport

If you don’t like to wait and want to get to Barcelona quickly and comfortably – get a taxi. You can take it at the airport stand or book before. You’ll go in a private cab with a driver, directly to the address non-stop. Payment is € 40-50, the journey time is 25 minutes. You can get a car for a big company and with child seats if you need them.

taxi at the airport booking service
Timetable: round the clock
Route: the address you need
Travel time: 25 minutes
Waiting: 10-15 min immediately on the arrival (The driver will meet you with the nameplate)
Comfort: air conditioning, traveling non-stop, no other passengers seats for children, cold water, English speaking Manager
Price: The average price is € 40 (€ 20 + landing fees and surcharges)
For whom: families with children, inexperienced tourists, first time in the country, a lot of luggage

How to find: In the plan – number 3. Taxi at the airport: parking at the terminals T1 and T2. Online booking: meeting at the airport

  We hope that this guide will help you to choose best way to get from Barcelona airport to the city center! We wish you a pleasant journey and fadeless impressions. © COPYRIGHT KiwiTaxi. To copy use a direct link to the original source.