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The capital of Italy Rome is of a great interest not only for history fans who eager to see all the architectural and historical sights of the old city with their own eyes. Lots of travelers come to Rome to visit its neighbor, a mini-state and the holiest spot for Catholics — Vatican. Whatever the reason you come to Rome, lots of tourists arrive by plane and then go by Rome airport taxi. There are only three airports in the city.

The smallest one, Urbe, is located in less than ten kilometers from the city boundaries yet accepts only charter flights. In fifteen kilometers from Rome there's another airport that is one of oldest not only in Italy but in the world. It's Ciampino airport, or G. B. Pastine Airport. Ciampino airport today mostly deals with low cost flights, but even if it's pretty small, the airport welcomes millions of travelers annually. Anyway, the main Rome aerial port is still Leonardo Da Vinci, or Fiumicino airport. It's located in about 30 kilometers from the city and is the busiest airport in the country. Most of tourists come there. They don't need to think how to reach the city because of the developed infrastructure, still the most comfortable way to get to the city is Rome airport transfer.

Fiumicino airport taxi

Fiumicino airport taxi

Leonardo Da Vinci Airport started its work in the beginning of the 60s of the last century, and by the time of opening they had built two flight-strips. Today they have four air strips. It was only one building at first, but the number of terminals was extended while developing. Today Fiumicino airport is being reconstructed drastically, and it goes in several stages. Each stage will lead to a more qualified work and provide the maximum comfort for passengers.

It's easy to get lost there since it’s enormous, and many tourists don't like that fact. Yet you can find information desks with Fiumicino airport maps on different languages. It helps you get oriented and choose the best way to find the exit to the needed transport. You can get from Fiumicino by trains, buses, taxi, or transfer. Public transport will be the cheapest option but is pretty exhausting. Lots of tourists usually choose Rome airport taxi to get from Fiumicino airport to the destination.

Different taxi stands can be found not far from the terminals' exits downstairs. Depending on the car type, number of passengers and your luggage’s weight, Rome airport taxi will cost more than EUR60. A modern and convenient way to leave the airport with no problems is to book Fiumicino airport transfer. For example, Rome airport transfer to the city will cost around EUR50, and to another Rome airport Ciampino — around EUR45.

Rome airport transfer from Ciampino airport to the city

Rome airport transfer from Ciampino airport to the city

Ciampino airport used to be the main aerial port in Italy. Now it's pretty small and serves low cost airlines flights. Since it's not big but close to the city, there's no opportunity for Ciampino airport to increase traffic, still the airport receives more than five million guests annually and is considered to be commercially profitable. To get to Rome or another city, you can take a taxi.

The taxi stand is located at a walking distance from the exit of the terminal. The cars of official taxi companies will bring you to the needed place. Despite it's close to the city, the trip of Rome airport taxi from Ciampino airport to the city will cost you around EUR60 per passenger without large luggage. One more economy and convenient way to go from the airport will be to book a transfer. To go to the city centre will cost you not more than EUR45, and Rome airport transfer from from Ciampino to Fiumicino will take around EUR55-60.

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