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The capital of Russia is Moscow, and it's one of the heavily populated cities in the country. Millions of guests from Russia and other countries come there daily. As the biggest centre of economics and culture, Moscow attracts tourists and business people and politicians from all over the world. Many of them go by air and arrive to one of three main airports of Moscow. To leave any of them for the city, you should book Moscow airport transfer or taxi.

It's the busiest airport in the country and one of the biggest airports in Europe (in terms of traffic), Domodedovo airport is less than 50 kilometers from Moscow. Two air strips of the airport deals with the planes of all types, and thank to that most international planes come to Domodedovo. A little bit closer to the centre, just in 30 kilometers, the second international airport Sheremetyevo is situated. It's equipped with two terminals that used to look like two different airports: Sheremetyevo-1 and Sheremetyevo-2. Several years ago the terminals were renamed, and now they build one big complex of Sheremetyevo. Both domestic and international flights arrive there.

One more airport in Moscow is Vnukovo. It's just in 20 kilometers from the city centre and consists of three terminals and a detached complex Vnukovo-2 that is made to accept authorities. Three main terminals of Moscow Vnukovo mostly accept domestic flights and flight from former Soviet republics, but there are a number of international flights as well. All Moscow airports are provided with public transport structure. It's easy to leave the terminals by booking Moscow airport transfer. You can go from the airport to the needed place in Moscow.

Taxi Moscow airport from Domodedovo

Transfers from Domodedovo Airport (DME)

Domodedovo airport is situated in the longest distance from Moscow, in 45 kilometers. Still, Domodedovo is one of the biggest traffic airports in the country and is among 20 busiest airports of Europe. Domodedovo is one big building of 140,000 sq.m and has arrival lounges both for domestic and international flights.

Not far from the exit you will find a taxi stand where you can take a taxi. Costs for trips will vary from EUR25 to EUR50 depending on the distance and car type. Right there you can see the cars which were ordered as a transfer. The difference is that the price for transfers will be lower and will include all the extra costs like waiting in the airport if your flight's delayed. For example, Moscow airport transfer from Domodedovo to the city will cost around EUR19.

Moscow airport transfer from Sheremetyevo to the city

Transfers from Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO)

Sheremetyevo was initially built for military services, but in several years it was given to civil needs. There are two building complexes including five terminals. One more terminal serves with air-freight flights. Passenger terminals are well-equipped with transport, and you can use taxi Moscow airport anytime.

Official taxis usually have fixed prices but in the night it might be rather expensive. Average price for taxi to reach Moscow is around EUR25-35. A more beneficial option is to book Moscow airport transfer. The price will be fixed and much lower in comparison with taxis. To the city centre Moscow airport transfer from Sheremetyevo will cost around EUR20. If you need to get to Domodedovo airport, the price will not increase by more than 6 Euros.

Taxi Moscow airport from Vnukovo

Transfers from Vnukovo Airport (VKO)

Moscow Vnukovo is one of the oldest aerial ports in Russia. It has some terminals serving local, international and freight flights. Besides, Vnukovo has a terminal that deals with high-class passengers, among them they welcome the President and government officials and representatives from other countries. Since it's pretty close to the centre, Moscow Vnukovo renders flights in a thousand of routes.

You can leave the airport by public transport or taxi or book a transfer. The last option is preferable, for it allows you to define the car, final destination and price beforehand. This way, Moscow airport transfer from Vnukovo to the city will cost around EUR20 (if we speak about city centre). Moscow airport transfer to Sheremetyevo airport will cost around EUR27. In case you take taxi Moscow airport, you can spend more even though official taxi companies offer fixed prices for the trips. Public transport in Vnukovo offers buses, trains and tube.

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