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The jewel of Persian Gulf and the biggest city of UAE is Dubai. It's considered to be not only a rich and modern metropolis, but also a very good city for business. A great amount of tourists and business people come to the city in the North East daily. Two main Dubai airports welcome guests from all over the world. From both Dubai airports it's easy to get by public transport. Another way is to take airport taxi Dubai to go to any place.

The main aerial port is Dubai international airport which is located in some kilometers from the city and bears the main load of passenger and freight traffic. The second Dubai airport Al Maktoum is nowadays the biggest airport in the world. Its output is around 200 million of passengers annually. Al Maktoum is located pretty far from the city, so it's easier to leave the place if you use Dubai airport transfers.

Dubai airport transfers

Dubai airport transfers

Dubai international airport takes the first place in UEA for passenger traffic and number of freight carried. And it's number four in the world. Today Dubai airport is one of those few aerial ports that are capable of welcoming double-decked aero buses. It has three regular terminals, three international ones and one terminal for accepting V.I.P. In every terminal of Dubai airports you will find information desks to book Dubai airport taxi.

To the city centre any airport taxi Dubai will bring you for EUR35, and private cars have higher prices. It's easy to book Dubai airport transfers to any destination in the city. It will let you not get lost in the airport and not spend extra money. The cost for Dubai airport transfers trip to Abu-Dabi is around EUR80; and airport transfer from Dubai international airport will cost around EUR30.

Airport taxi Dubai from Al Maktoum international airport

Airport taxi Dubai from Al Maktoum international airport

Al Maktoum international airport began to serve passenger flights some year ago. Its main scope used to be air-freight service. Due to the capacity of the main capital airport, they decided to build a passenger complex in the territory of the airport. Passenger terminals of Al Maktoum international airport opened their doors in 2011, and since then the airport is constantly developing and lays claim to being number one for passenger traffic in the world.

Al Maktoum international airport is located in more than 50 kilometers from Dubai but has a really good infrastructure that allows easy reaching the city. You can leave the airport by public transport; the most popular type is buses. From Al Maktoum international airport you can easily get by airport taxi Dubai. The price will be around EUR80. There are information desks in the airport building where you need to pay for the trip and get the info about the car ordered, and then go to the taxi stand and find the taxi.

To avoid extra fuss, you can book Dubai airport transfers. In the arrival lounge you will be met by the driver with the nameplate; they will walk you through the airport and bring you to the destination for the fixed price. So, Dubai airport transfer from Al Maktoum to the city will cost around EUR40.

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