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Official name of this city was put into Guinness Book of World Records as the longest name of the city. Kids learn the original city’s name in school, but most words in the name even Thais cannot understand since the words are out of use. Bangkok is a developing economical centre; it’s the capital of Thailand and an attractive place for millions of tourists. Guests of the capital come there via two main Bangkok airports.

The main airport of the city is Suvarnabhumi airport – it serves the main deal of international flights. Suvarnabhumi airport is situated in almost 50 kilometers from the city; still it’s easy to get there by Bangkok airport taxi. The second biggest airport is Don Mueang international airport. It was made for domestic flights, but some charter flights and international ones arrive there as well. Besides, Don Mueang international airport serves low cost airlines. The most comfortable way to leave for the city is to book Bangkok airport transfer from Don Mueang.

Bangkok airport transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport

Bangkok airport transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport

Suvarnabhumi airport was built about ten years ago; it’s a modern aerial port with full service for passengers. There is only one terminal with no zones for domestic and international flights, and since that the boarding and arrival processes go very fast. The building itself is a complex over 500,000 sq. meters.

As it’s that big, it allows placing lots of taxi stands and public transport stops to leave the airport. To take Bangkok airport taxi from Suvarnabhumi to the city, you have to find a special desk in the ground floor of the terminal where you’ll be assisted. The trip to the centre will take about 40 minutes without much traffic and cost you $45-50; you will have to pay extra money in case of much traffic. To start your trip with good emotions, you can book Bangkok airport transfer from Suvurnabhumi – it’s cheaper than taxi and more comfortable than public transport. The trip for four passengers to the capital of Thailand will cost around $35, and you will be met in the arrival lounge by the driver.

Bangkok airport transfer from Don Mueang

Bangkok airport transfer from Don Mueang

Don Mueang international airport is an oldest airport in the country, and it was build in 1914. Before Suvarnabhumi airport was built, Don Mueang international airport was one of the busiest airports in the world. In 2006 Don Mueang international airport was only used for accepting military planes and some charter flights. In a year the airport became a domestic airport to deal with Thailand planes and flights from nearby countries.

In these years low cost airlines flights from different countries arrive there. Only one terminal of two is working now, and right at the exit you can find public transport stops to reach the city and the taxi stands as well. The choice is truly great, but it’s easier to order a taxi at the desk in the airport for it’s safer and cheaper.

On average, Bangkok airport taxi from Don Mueang to the city will take more than an hour and will cost you $50-70. It’s cheaper to book Bangkok airport transfer from Don Mueang, and the trip to the city centre will cost you around $40. Bangkok airport transfer from Suvarnabhumi will take 20 minutes more, yet the price is still around $40 for the car.

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