Corfu Airport → Barbati

Duration: 35 mins  Show the return transferConditions

Transfer to a hotel

Transfer includes a trip to any hotel or address within the city. The exact address or name of the hotel you specify when booking.

Passengers and luggage

Each vehicle class indicates its maximum number of passengers and luggage. Children are considered as passengers, child seats can be ordered separately.

Transfer cost

The price is for the car of a certain class. It does not depend on the number of passengers, dates and addresses within the city.

Transfer booking

To book a taxi, you specify the exact place, date and time of the meeting, contact details and pay in advance. Then the car will already be booked and you will be met by the driver.

Meeting with driver

The driver will meet you at the appointed time in the specified location. He will be a plate with your name. If necessary, the driver will call you or send sms, you will also have his phone.

Order payment

About 15% of the cost you pay in advance for reservation. The remaining part you pay to the driver in cash on arrival at the destination.

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VW Golf, Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Audi A3, BMW 3, etc.

The most affordable option for 1-­4 people.

4 passengers 3 bags
50 €


Mercedes E, VW Passat, Toyota Camry, BMW 5 Series, etc.

Ideal for family trips and long journeys.

4 passengers 3 bags
50 €


Mercedes S-class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A7, Lexus GX, etc.

First class car for maximum comfort.

3 passengers 3 bags
On request

Minivan 4pax

VW Touran, Ford Galaxy, Opel Zefira, Peugeot 807, etc.

Ideal combination of space and comfort.

4 passengers 4 bags
On request

Minibus 7pax

VW Multivan, Toyota Hiace, Opel Vivaro, Hyundai H-1, etc.

For a group of 4­-7 people or big luggage.

7 passengers 8 bags
On request

Minibus 13pax

Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Coaster, etc.

Right choice for a group of up to 13 people.

13 passengers 10 bags
On request

Minibus 16pax

Ford Transit (1-16), Mercedes Sprinter (1-16), Peugeot Boxer (1-16), etc.

Great option for a group of 10-­16 people and big luggage.

16 passengers 16 bags
On request

Minibus 19pax

Iveco 15-19pax, Mercedes Sprinter 15-19pax, etc.

An option for a group of 15-­19 people and big luggage.

19 passengers 19 bags
On request